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Want to download YouTube Vanced on PC? In this article, I will be discussing how you can get the app on your PC

Youtube Vanced for Mac

What is YouTube Vanced for PC app?

YouTube Vanced is basically a mod version of the official YouTube application. In the original application, you cannot block ads or can not watch YouTube videos in the dark mode.

But if you use this Vanced application on your Android device, then you can easily block any type of ads from this video social media platform. Also you will able to enable dark mode.

So why should you installed YouTube Vanced? Along with the features listed above, Vanced is a major improvement over the official YouTube app. Let’s go over some of the features you will enjoy.

  • adblocking
  • Force HDR Mode
  • Override Max Resolution
  • Pinch to Zoom For All Devices
  • Casting Toggle
  • Picture-in-Picture Video
  • Repeat Videos
  • black/dark themes, and much more.
  • Preferred Resolution & Speed
  • Swipe controls for Volume & Brightness

And the Best of the lot features that you will only get with YouTube premium i-e Background Play. In the original YouTube app, you cannot play a video in the background. Meaning, once you minimize the app the video also stops playing.

YouTube has a large library of songs and many users resort to YouTube to listen to songs. However, listening to a song with a video consumes a lot of bandwidth, and listening to only audio is not possible on YouTube’s original app. However, with YouTube Vanced the video keep playing in the background, but it plays in the lowest possible resolution. On the front, you can keep listening to the audio and this will save your internet data. You can even use the app in the pop-up background

If you are using the app for the first time you might face an issue with background play. You will only be able to play YouTube in the Popup window and not in the background. But with the subsequent use, you will be able to play the video on the background also. Now without any further delay let us see how you can download the app on your PC

Youtube Vanced on PC

How to Download YouTube Vanced on Windows and Mac

  1. First, you are going to need an Android emulator, download BlueStacks on PC
  2. Complete the installation process by following the instructions
  3. Once you have completed the setup now download the YouTube Vanced app from here
  4. Click on the “Install Apk” option on the top left on the “Home” screen denoted by three dots. To browse the .apk file on your PC, select the file and click on open to install it.
  5. Or you can just drag and drop the .apk file on your emulator home screen and get the app on your PC
Youtube Vanced PC

Now for some big questions around the app

Is YouTube vanced for Windows legal?

No. It is not illegal to use YouTube Vanced. The Terms of Service, which you agree to comply with when you use the YouTube website, clearly states you are not permitted to modify the how the site appears or works so you are clearly not violating the youtube terms so it safe to use

Is YouTube vanced PC app a virus?

It does not have a virus. You can download the original APK and the mod APK.

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