Install Free WhatsTool for PC – Windows 10, Mac

Download and use WhatsTool on PC. The app acts as a perfect tool for WhatsApp, by providing top features to enhance user experience with improved security & more interactive messaging experience

WhatsTool for Mac

Why do you need the WhatsTool PC app?

In a few years, WhatsApp has become a trending talk, as its instant transfer of media files made us a ‘lone approach’ of conversation. Hence, WhatsApp has become a trendy talk, right from its birth. But WhatsApp now has to be faced chaos among its users. What if there’s is a solution to send files more than 16mb size?

WhatsApp compresses the quality of original videos/audios files that have to be sent. Possibilities to send files rather than media files like .pdf, word, excel, .apk, etc. WhatsApp has to find a solution to this. Breaking the Barriers, now a new app has launched which has a total solution for the above problems. WHATSTOOLS This application has a loud round of efforts & applause for its creation


As the name itself suggests, WhatsTool for PC comprises of certain tools that assist WhatsApp. After downloading & installing WhatsTools from the Google Play store, it has to give accessibility from phone settings & it will be directly connected to Google Drive.

To be on the safer side, files are blended with Google Drive for more & more safety. After all this process, get accessed to WhatsApp again and open the attachment icon. There, you can get on with additional seven icons that help various other type files to be attached like achieves, .PDF, .apk, etc. Those icons are buildup by WhatsTool for Windows. Any audio/video files can be attached through this, without losing its quality.

You can also enter WhatsTool directly and can send files to any contacts. The most interesting part lies within is, uploading files can be paused, deleted, or recontinued. Moreover, the downloader can have a preview option before downloading that particular file.

Knocking on with above features, it is certain that, Whatstools can play a lead role for Whatsapp in the upcoming era.

WhatsTool on PC

How to Install WhatsTool app on Windows and Mac

  1. Install BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Run the .exe file on your PC, to complete the installation of the emulator on your PC.
  3. Open the emulator on your PC, and look for the PlayStore app on the home screen of the emulator.
  4. Log in using your Google Credentials.
  5. Search for the WhatsTool, and locate the app.
  6. Click on the install button to complete the download process.
WhatsTool PC download