Download Free V380S PC- Windows 10, Mac

V380S PC is a new generation application for smart home cloud cameras, providing users with convenient smart home management and remote video surveillance system.

Through V380S PC video monitoring service, you can easily view live stream and replay of apartments, villas, stores, factories, working offices and so on;through V380S alarming service, you can receive any abnormal message of places you concern.

V380S on PC

What V380S app offers

If you want a CCTV to keep an eye on your belongings, a baby monitor to look after your newborn, or a pet cam to entertain your lovely pets, V380s On Mac is the best choice!

V380S is one of the simpler home security apps. It turns your phone into a remote camera. The app has a decent, if basic set of features.

They include support for VLC player, live video streaming, Ivideon support, support for FTP servers and Dropbox, motion detection, and video chat support. This is one of the few good free home security apps. It does take a few minutes and some brainpower to set up, though. The app is supported by advertising. Otherwise, it’s completely free.

With crystal clear live stream, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on, no matter where you are. Additionally, Alfred’s motion sensor will send you an instant alert when it finds an intruder.

You can scare the intruder away by speaking through the walkie-talkie immediately. The auto-recorded videos will be kept in free, unlimited cloud storage. You can download them and use them as evidence to help identify the suspect.

V380S app

V380S on Mac Features

V380S for Windows Is a free camera app used to manage video and audio production remotely. With the app, you can rotate a camera, zoom in and out, and even carry out video calling.

This app is so intelligent that it can detect motions and ring an alarm. Because of this feature, V380S for PC can be used to monitor CCTV cameras of all sorts.

Remote Monitoring

Viewing video on App remotely,know what is going on at home anywhere anytime.

Voice Talkback

Voice Talkback anywhere,as if you are at home.

Device Sharing

Share the device with your family,view together,more at ease.

Motion Detection Alarm

 Instant alarm and picture capturing on abnormal situation,view what happened on recordings,guard your security.

Additional support

  • Support online multi-user watching real-time video simultaneously.
  • Support audio and video chat.
  • Support remote video-playback and image snapshots.
  • Support alarm detection and pop-up message.
  • Support pan/tilt control, position preset, and locating.
  • With intelligent streaming media cloud-transmission technology, 1.0 MP-720P image is able to be transferred within the public network.
  • Support Wifi Smartlink configuration, which makes 360Eye more convenient and simple for uses.

Install V380S on your Windows and Mac PCs

If you want to monitor your security camera from the PC/Laptop that you are using but the app that supports it can only be used on android.

Well, here we will discuss the method on how you can use an android emulator for such purpose. You can read the Details about BlueStacks and NoxPlayer

Now Lets Discuss how you can get V380S on you windows and macOS powered PCs

  1. Download the android emulator from their website, we recommend BlueStacks
  2. After the initial download complete the installation process, it may take up to several minutes depending upon the speed of your internet connection
  3. Open the BlueStacks Software, it will ask for your Google Credentials
  4. Download the Apk file from this LINK( as the app is not available for download on Google PlayStore)
  5. Now Click on the “Install Apk” option on the top left on the “Home” screen denoted by three dots. To browse the. apk file on your PC, select the file and click on open to install it.
  6. After the completion you will get the app shortcut on BlueStacks home screen, from there you can easily use the V380S app on your PC