How to use Touch VPN for PC free – Windows 10, Mac

Unable to access some websites or apps? Worried about unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots? Want to be anonymous and protected from surveillance and hackers? Touch VPN on PC is the best solution for you

Touch VPN for Mac

Why use the Touch VPN for PC app?

Touch VPN PC is a popular VPN available for free which supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The servers offer 27 locations, not bad for free, mostly in Europe and North America but with plenty of other options: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and more.

All of the apps can be used for free, and without registration. The mobile versions have ads, but upgrading gets rid of those, and the Android app says you also get a ‘faster connection’, ‘high-quality support’, and coverage for up to 5 devices. Nothing wrong with any of that, but it seems a little expensive at $12.99 a month, $6.67 over a year- Private Internet Access’ annual plan is half the price, Surfshark’s two-year plan is less than a third.

As for the server locations, if you like traveling and hope to ensure your digital protection in countries whose names you can’t even spell, then Touch VPN is not for you. It only has 25 servers around the world, in about 30 countries. However, if you’re planning on going to Africa or New Zealand, then you can say goodbye to any online security.

Sure, it provides with you the bare minimum of locations in the most populated countries. This ensures the satisfaction of most users but it’s far from offering the flexibility and coverage that other premium VPNs do. More importantly, it seems that they also use fake VPN servers. What does this mean? That, even if you’re connected to a certain server in a specific location, the computer client will show you the information for another location entirely.

In terms of security and encryption protocols, Touch VPN uses OpenVPN over UDP and TCP and HydraVPN protocols. These are among the very best on the market, and it looks good. But, at the same time, all the servers have grave DNS leaks and possible viruses crawling around. The DNS is your Domain Name System, the basic protocols that will eventually translate into your IP address.

Touch VPN is compatible with the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Google Chrome
  • Android
  • iOS
Touch VPN on PC


  • Simple user-friendly mobile app
  • No personal or payment details required on signup


  • Uses the least secure VPN protocol (PPTP)
  • Very intrusive logging policy
  • Doesn’t unblock streaming services
  • Torrenting not permitted on any servers
  • No advanced privacy features such as kill switch
  • Barely any customer support
Touch VPN app PC download

How to Install Touch VPN on Windows and Mac

  1. To begin, install the BlueStacks emulator.
  2. Now run the emulator on your PC to complete the installation
  3. Open the emulator and look for the PlayStore app on the home screen
  4. Search for the Touch VPN app and locate it
  5. Click on the install button to complete the download