Install Free Synthesia for PC- Windows 10, Mac

Download Synthesia app on PC, and start your Piano lessons from your desktop PC rather than your smartphone and become a pro at Piano Playing

Synthesia for Mac

Why use Synthesia For PC app

Piano lessons. Two words capable of striking fear into the heart of any child who’d much rather be playing football or hanging out with friends than struggling through a fumbling rendition of Frere Jacques in the foreboding presence of a stern-faced music teacher. Luckily, thanks to today’s technology, it no longer has to be that way. In 2020, if you want to learn piano – or have kids who do – the best online piano lessons deliver much more varied and palatable options for all budgets. 

All joking aside, one-to-one piano lessons are still arguably one of the most effective ways of starting your piano journey. If you find a good local teacher you get along with, you’ll learn in a structured, progressive way, most likely taking a weekly lesson and practising at home in between. However, the cost and inconvenience of committing to a regular weekly time slot can be a disadvantage for many.

Many potential pianists turn to YouTube for help. It’s free after all. There’s a vast amount of video content online, and it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to find lessons for the songs you want to play pretty quickly. However, there’s no guarantee as to the accuracy of the videos, and the quality of the teaching on offer can be extremely variable. With so many to choose from, picking the right lessons can be a shot in the dark.

This is where the best online piano lessons services here come in. They combine the best of both worlds – the freedom offered by the internet to learn at your own pace in your own space, with dedicated software providing the structured learning and educational gravitas of a real teacher.

Synthesia PC


Synthesia for Windows is an online piano lesson site that wears its musical credentials with pride, and with legendary producer Quincy Jones credited as co-creator and jazz icon Harry Connick Jr as a tutor, that’s not surprising. They even have their own-branded MIDI keyboard available to buy for use with the software.

The lessons are fully interactive and are produced in a video-game style to keep things fun and addictive. Plug in a MIDI keyboard and you get visual feedback to keep you on the right track – play a note right, it turns green; play it wrong, it turns red. Earn rewards to level up and unlock extra content, and record and playback lessons to see where you went wrong and how to improve using the Synthesia app

There’s plenty of solid music theory amongst the content, but the lesson plans are aimed at getting you playing songs quickly without getting too bogged down in theory initially. There’s a large song library (although the more popular songs may require additional fees) and three payment structures to choose from; monthly or annual subscriptions or a lifetime membership. Overall, Synthesia PC app represents a fantastic option for learning the piano with your computer or iPad.

Synthesia app

How to Install Synthesia app on Windows and Mac

  1. Install an Android Emulator on your PC if you already do not have one, I will recommend BlueStacks or NoxPlayer
  2. Complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions
  3. After that open the emulator and locate the PlayStore app
  4. Search for Synthesia app and locate it,
  5. Click on the Install button to start the process, if you did not give your Google ID at an earlier stage then you will be required to give one to complete the process

You can also download the desktop version from the Link