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Download and play Small Town Murders: Match 3 Crime Mystery Stories on PC with the help of android emulator

Help aspiring writer Nora Mistry investigate a string of crimes in the idyllic hamlet of Thornton Grove. Solve puzzles, collect clues, and interrogate a cast of quirky characters to find the killer! 

Small Town Murders PC

Small Town Murders for Windows- ABOUT

An aspiring writer called Nora Mistry sets out to investigate this murder and the numerous others that shortly follow, getting help along the way from local deputy Shanahan and village gossip Mrs. Musgrove. Though investigating a murder seems quite a heavy topic for Rovio, as you can see from the trailer above it takes quite a light-hearted approach.

To solve these murders then, players will have to beat a series of match-three style puzzles that will allow them to collect evidence from the various crime scenes. From there, players will be able to follow leads, interrogate suspects and shorten the list of them until the killer is finally revealed

Small Town Murders for PC

Small Town Murders: Match 3 – Every crime is a puzzle


To advance in the story, you solve match-3 puzzles. Pelletier-Normand said the game will launch with more than 1,000 puzzles and eight different crime stories. The company will launch updates every month, with roughly one new crime story per month.

It’s a long story

Meet friendly townspeople during your investigations, each with their own story. Team up with Deputy Shanahan, the lovable but slightly hapless sheriff’s deputy. Chat with Mrs. Musgrove, a matronly innkeeper who has lived in the area for decades and knows everyone’s dirt. Meet plenty more colorful characters over the twisting, ever-growing story! But be careful – everyone is a suspect

Solve the puzzle, solve the case


Examine each crime scene to choose your next step. Leave no stone unturned

Solve puzzles

Use a detective’s intuition to find the best strategy in brain-teasing match-3 puzzles.

Collect evidence

Solve puzzles to uncover crucial clues. Then build a case, interrogate suspects, and get to the truth

Small Town Murders on PC

Small Town Murders: Match 3 IS IT ANY GOOD?

With its bright visuals and cheery music, Small Town Murders for Mac is a relaxing play rather than an intense one, despite the murder theme. It is also worth noting that the game does not attempt to actively force you to spend on in-app purchases. The game’s coin currency can be used to purchase power-ups and boosters, which can help you get past difficult levels and advance faster in events. However, just by playing the game regularly, you are rewarded with free bonus coins and they should be enough to help you in desperate moments.

While the puzzles get increasingly more complicated, this never adds anything new. Similarly, the mysteries aren’t all that mysterious, especially since the characters are all one-dimensional stereotypes. It also doesn’t help that this has some technical issues. Most notably, buttons sometimes stop working after you watch an ad, forcing you to quit and restart if you want to keep playing. 

Small Town Murders features 8 different cases, with nearly 100 levels per case. The game is currently pretty limited with its social features, but that could very well change with any future updates. Rovio will forever be known as the creators of the blockbuster Angry Birds franchise, but their effort to branch out and try new things with Small Town Murders is definitely appreciated.

Small Town Murders

Download Small town Murders on Windows and Mac

You will be needing an Android emulator to Play Small Town Murders On PC. I will recommend BlueStacks Emulator for Windows users. For Mac User, I will recommend Nox App Player

Both are equally good and both can be used on either Mac or Windows PC

Follow the Steps below to get the Small Town Murders for PC

  1. Download and Install the Android Emulator whichever you prefer BlueStacks or NoxPlayer
  2. The emulator will take some time to complete the initial setup
  3. You will be required to give Google ID, If you do not have I will recommend to create one
  4. Start the emulator and open the PlayStore app on the emulator, Pre-installed
  5. Search for Small Town Murders: Match 3 Crime Mystery Stories app, click on the install button
  6. Help solve the murder mysteries and enjoy the game on your PC