Amazing Serial Box on PC- Windows 10, Mac


 Serial Box on PC is a collection of serial stories geared toward adults. The themes are often mature, including murder, vulgar language, and explicit sex, and some of this content appears in the free previews.

Serial Box is a premium digital audio and reading platform and publisher that delivers ongoing stories via online and mobile in short, serialized installments. Designed for consumption on smartphones in either an audiobook or e-book format, users can read or listen to each weekly episodic installment.

Serial Box

What is Serial Box App

Digital content company Serial Box App stands out among today’s publishers by giving a time-tested format a modern-day spin. The company produces serial fiction that’s structured like TV seasons and available in both audio and written format, letting audiences switch between reading and listening whenever they want.

Serial Box for Windows tells both original stories and franchise extensions. One interesting example, a sequel to the five-season-long sci-fi television show Orphan Black in book/audiobook form, airs its final episode today. The show’s lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, even narrated the audiobook.

Serial Box has also teamed up with Warner Bros. for DC superhero stories including Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, and has also made deals with Marvel Studios

How things get together

Serial Box hires a lead author or show-runner, write a pilot episode, and a “show bible” which will outline the plot for each season. After this, Serial Box brings together a team of writers who will contribute ideas like a television writers’ room. At the end of this period, each author is assigned episodes to write.

Whereas a novel generally takes 2–3 years to be written and published, a Serial Box production can be completed 6 months from the start date. Because the first episode is published before the season is completed, the authors can tailor the ending of the season to the audience’s reactions. It is the responsibility of the showrunner to ensure that all episodes maintain a consistent writing style despite the involvement of multiple authors.

Serial Box app

Serial Box for Mac- Read and Listen to your favorite Stories

Awesome stories

Created by award-winning, diverse, and best-selling authors.

Unique format

Each title is divided into episodes and released in audio-book and eBook formats.

Stories at warp speed

Serial Box writing teams collaborate and drop weekly stories so your library is always fresh

Cinematic sound design

Immersive sound effects and swoon-worthy narrators like Tatiana Maslany.


  • Switchback and forth between listening and reading
  • Download audio and listen offline
  • Sample everything for free
  • Scroll vs. swipe reading option
  • Stunning type and colors: select between 5 optimized typefaces and 6 color combinations
  • Advanced customization settings: custom margins, line height, word spacing, letter spacing, and audio speed for optimal accessibility
Serial Box for PC

Install Serial Box App on your Windows And Mac PCs

We are going to use android emulator software to Download the App on your PC as it is not officially available on Windows or macOS, There are many emulator available for download you can chose form them, I will recommend 2 of them that i have used personally and are very good you can read more about them form the links below



Follow the steps to get the Serial Box for Windows and Mac

  1. If you already do not have the emulator download the from their official website BlueStacks or NoxPlayer whichever you prefer
  2. Start the installation process and complete the setup.
  3. You will be required to give your Google Credentials
  4. On the home screen of the emulator, click on the PlayStore app
  5. Search for the Serial Box app and click on the install button
  6. After the installation the app will appear on the home screen and the emulator and you can also access the app from the desktop shortcut created


Though the quality of the stories can vary, the ability to read or listen to a wide variety of stories in chunks using a simple interface is appealing. While some of the stories are written by unknown authors, others were created in conjunction with organizations like the Associated Press. Some of the sample chapters are too short to determine if it would be an enjoyable read, while others are extensive.

The narration has a likewise variance in quality, but many users will appreciate the option to decide between the audiobook version and the text. Both are included with the subscription, making it easy to alternate between as your needs change. The serial nature of the stories means that some of them go on for several seasons without any logical conclusion which can be a joy or frustration depending on the subject matter. So while Serial Box doesn’t contain earth-shattering content, it’s entertaining and easy to use. 

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