How you can play Roblox on PC Free – Windows 10, Mac

Want to play Roblox app on PC and play your favorite games, I will be discussing how you can download the app play your favorite games on PC

Roblox for Mac

What is Roblox for PC app?

Roblox is a very popular online multiplayer game similar in appearance to Minecraft. The game was launched in 2006 and now has over 30 Million active users. It is primarily an online platform that hosts user/player made online games. Players can choose which games they want to play and create their own. Games can be anything from navigating obstacle courses, finding your way through a spooky maze, role-playing games, and much more. Some games contain murder, guns, and other horror themes. Players can also build their own “worlds” or games via the Roblox Studio app, but once launched they are public.

Players can earn spending money called Robux or spend real money to gain Robux for upgrades and for extras. It is available on both mobile devices and on P.C’s. Some games require spending Robux to play. Unlike Minecraft, there is no overall single-player options or private play on all the games with only whitelisted, vetted real-life friends within all the games. Some games on this platform can have a VIP or private aspect to them that can be invite-only, this usually costs money. If your child plays any of the games on this platform it’s likely they will be playing alongside or with other players they don’t know in the game

Roblox can be creative and fun, and is designed for players to  play online with each other within the games. Some of the games are G and PG rated and certainly seem suitable for younger children, but only if the parental controls are set up and there is strict parental supervision. Under 13yr old accounts have some automatic restrictions set. Privacy settings and account restrictions can be enabled for all accounts including over 13+

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App Rating4.5 / 5.0
Developed ByRoblox Corporation
Roblox on PC

How to Install Roblox app on Windows and Mac?

  1. Download Bluestacks or NoxPlayer on your PC
  2. Be patient while the Bluestacks app player installs, launch it upon successful installation. Complete the one-time setup process.
  3. Now it prompts you to sign in to your Google account to use Play store services. Just enter your Google account details and allow all the permissions.
  4. You will get Bluestacks home screen now. Find the Google play store app on the home page and tap on it.
  5. Search for the Roblox app name on Playstore. Find the app developed by Roblox Corporation and click on the Install button.
  6. Once the app is installed, you should be able to see the Roblox for Windows app icon on the Bluestacks screen.
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