Download Free Pokemon Cafe Mix PC- Windows 10, Mac


Link together Pokémon icons to clear puzzles as you work to build up your very own café in Pokémon Café Mix PC, a free-to-start game for the Nintendo Switch system!

Recruit Pokémon to help out at the café (in their adorable uniforms) by building friendships and expand your café and menu offerings by completing puzzles. Each Pokémon staff member has a Café Skill that will come in handy during puzzles!


What is Pokemon Café Mix For PC

I have always wanted to go to a Pokémon-themed café. I mean, I’m not actually all that bothered by overpriced drinks or food which looks like a decapitated Eevee, but the concept? The idea? Absolutely wonderful. And if it could have that cat-café aesthetic and environment which lets me pet the Pokémon, that would be a bonus.

But since I was a small child, I’ve been regularly having mild weeping sessions and existential dread that my one true dream in life shall not come to pass. Unless I get really, really good at genetic engineering (not likely, I am a games journalist, not smart) the dream of petting Pikachu and Eevee can wait. But like all good dreams, video games are there to help.

In POKEMON CAFE MIX for Windows, you own a bistro where people and their Pokemon can enjoy pancakes and other fine foods. By solving link-3 puzzles, you make sure your customers get the meals and beverages they ordered, and in a timely fashion. At the same time, completing these puzzles will also give your employees — which include some Pokemon — something to do so they can buy fine foods from your restaurant.

Players can acquire power-ups or items to help them with solving puzzles through play, or they can purchase them from an in-game store to assist them in their food delivery goals.


Pokemon Cafe Mix for Mac- At a Glance

 In Pokemon Cafe Mix on PC, you run a restaurant…by solving a series of link-3 puzzles. Using the touchscreen, you have to link together some Pokemon icons, which removes them from the board. The objective, as always, is to get all the ones you need before you run out of moves. Good thing you have Pokemon who can help you. By matching their icons, you fill their Cafe Skills meter so you can deploy their special moves.

Fill Eevee’s Cafe Skill meter, for instance, and you get an Eevee icon, which takes out everything in a three-icon radius. You can even combine Cafe Skills together for extra powerful moves.

The thing is — this may be just a bit too easy. While linking icons, you also push them around, and thus can push them into other icons of the same kind. This, obviously, removes the challenge of having to locate multiples of the same icons on the board, since you can just shove them into each other.

Pokemon purists may also complain that this is only superficially Pokemon-Esque, save for how serving Charmander a good latte makes him your friend, while link-3 puzzle fans may find it doesn’t add anything new to the genre. But if you’re new to this kind of puzzle game, love Pokemon with all your heart, or are just looking for something fun and not the least bit stressful, you’ll find Pokemon Cafe Mix is like a warm latte with a good friend.


  • Nostalgic art style and feel
  • Cute Pokémon-themed menu items
  • Easy-going puzzling that serves up something different


  • Leah is a bit annoying
  • Touchscreen format not ideal on Switch

Download Pokémon Café Mix on Windows and Mac

Want to manage your Pokemon Cafe on your PC as well, with the help of an android emulator you can download Pokemon Cafe Mix On your Windows and Mac PCs/ Laptop.

BlueStacks and NoxPlayer are one of the best emulators out there, they are equipped with tons of features and are quite fast and also have android 7.1 with them letting you play most of the latest android games on PC

Follow the Steps below to Download the game and manage your Pokemon themed cafe form your PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC
  2. Complete the Installation process by following the on-screen instructions
  3. Login using your Google Id, if you do not have one I will suggest you create one
  4. In the emulator open the PlayStore app and search for the Pokemon Cafe Mix app
  5. Click on the install button to complete the process
  6. The app will be available via a shortcut on your desktop

Final Words

Pokémon Café Mix is an easy-going and relaxed puzzle game, with plenty of nostalgic elements of my childhood playing Pokémon games. It’s all very cute, with Pokémon-themed menu items that look wonderfully appetizing, and the swirling puzzling is ideal for introducing this world to younger family members. 

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