Once Upon a Tower PC Free Download(ver 24)

Once Upon a Tower PC-grab your war hammer, and empower yourself to get to the bottom and earn your freedom! You are strong enough to do it on your own!

Once Upon a Tower PC is not your ordinary mobile action game. Well, gameplay may be a bit familiar but this game features a princess trying to save herself. No need to wait for a knight or a prince to save you because you can get yourself out of the high tower by simply hammering your way out. You see, the princess doesn’t always need a prince or any hero. She can escape with your help, without having to wait for the knight.

Once Upon a Tower PC

Once Upon a Tower PC- A Review

In this game, you will take on the role of a princess escaping the tower where she is being held prisoner by a dragon and his minions. With only a hefty hammer at her disposal, the princess must dig, bash, and fall her way down the many levels of the narrow keep to, eventually, the exit.

To strike blows with your hammer just swipe your finger. Swipe downward to hit the ground and break the brick under your princess’s feet to make her drop down to the floor below. You can also break blocks to either side or above you. And of course, you can use the hammer to hit any enemy that gets in your way.

During your courageous escape attempt, you’ll have to face lots of dangers. Normal monsters make things a bit hard, but can be destroyed with a swift blow of your hammer if you’re quick and sharp enough. But there are other dangers, as well. You’ve got to evade spike traps, bombs, and even the dragon.

Once Upon a Tower is a very fun game that puts a terrific spin on the stereotype of the princess locked in the tower. Plus the game’s graphics are gorgeous and you can unlock tons of stuff, like outfits or upgrades for your protagonist.

Once Upon a Tower PC

Some Tips to Play Once Upon a Tower for PC

Well you cant just Make an escape Without A proper Strategy, You will need some strategy so that you can make the princess escape from the tower. we will be discussing some beginner tips so you do not remain in the tower

You can’t move while falling

The controls in Once Upon a Tower take some getting used to, but the one aspect we didn’t fully grasp until we’d failed multiple attempts is that the princess cannot move while falling.

So be aware of what is directly below you before stepping off a ledge or digging through a dirt platform, as she will land on it. This fact will often determine the path you take through the tower, as you’ll want to avoid falling on spikes or try to land behind fire-spewing totems if possible

Swing your weapon 

Attacking in mid-air is the number one skill you should practice in Once Upon A Tower PC. Many enemies and items will be just out of reach for your heroine unless you attack them while falling. You can snag fireflies on the way down a pit, hit totems before they throw fire at you, kill enemies that would jump after you, and so on.

Points and power-ups

The fireflies you collect and enemies you whack provide points, which are added to your total next to the crown in the upper-right corner of the screen. Fireflies award 50 points while enemies and totems give 10 each. Enemies will pick up or eat fireflies if they get near them; killing an enemy that has taken a firefly will award you the points for both (10 + 50 = 60). Hitting enemies in quick succession will result in combos, although breaking totems does not apply.

A Chicken??

The Chicken is an easily attained power-up on the Wheel of Fortune, as well as an item that princess Muffin has at the start of every run. Its primary purpose is as part of challenges and probably the hardest achievement in the game: escaping the tower with a Chicken alive and well.

This is difficult because, although the Chicken follows the princess closely during the run, it can be killed by all the same hazards that are a danger to her. So, if it falls on spikes, gets hit by an orc, singed by flame, etc. it will die.

Once Upon a Tower for PC

Install Once Upon a Tower PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks or NoxPlayer
  2. Open the installed BlueStacks or NoxPlayer and open the Google Play Store in it.
  3. Now search for “Once Upon a Tower” using the Play Store.
  4. Install the game and open the app drawer or all apps in the emulator.
  5. Click Once Upon a Tower PC icon to open it, follow the on-screen instructions to play it.

You can also download the game on your Smartphone fro PlayStore


IS Once Upon A Tower For PC free?

The app is Free to download and play there are some in apps purchase

What does the chicken do in Once Upon a tower PC?

What’s with the Chicken? The Chicken is an easily attained power-up on the Wheel of Fortune, as well as an item that princess Muffin has at the start of every run. Its primary purpose is as part of challenges and probably the hardest achievement in the game

How many levels does once upon a tower pc have?

In Once Upon a Tower for PC, you’ll be revisiting the first five levels frequently. There are twelve total, with a dragon fight at the bottom. As you improve your skills at the game you’ll find yourself making it past five more and more often