Install Free Naver VIBE on PC- Windows 10, Mac


Install Naver VIBE PC app on your Windows and Mac PCs, and start listening to your K-pop Idols and enjoy the daily updated songs list from the platform

Naver VIBE for Mac

What is Naver VIBE for PC and its Aim

Naver is a South Korean online platform operated by Naver Corporation. It debuted in 1999 as the first web portal in Korea to develop and uses its own search engine. It was also the world’s first operator to introduce the comprehensive search feature, which compiles search results from various categories and presents them in a single page. Naver has since added a multitude of new services ranging from basic features such as e-mail and news to the world’s first online Q&A platform Knowledge iN.

As of September 2017, the search engine handled 74.7% of all web searches in South Korea and had 42 million enrolled users. More than 25 million Koreans have Naver as the start page on their default browser and the mobile application has 28 million daily visitors. Naver is also frequently referred to as ‘the Google of South Korea’.

Naver Vibe PC app is a Music streaming app by Naver and has been recently introduced in the market of K-PoP. The platform is trying to enter and capture the K-pop market by introducing new payment methods to artists. The Korean streaming market already has Melon and Spotify to name as streaming service and Vibe is trying to rival them

The nation’s music-streaming market is dominated by big three players — Kakao’s Melon (40 percent), KT’s Genie (25 percent), and SK Telecom’s Flo (20 percent). In the meantime, the younger Vibe remains a distant No. 4 with less than 4 percent of the market.

Currently, streaming platforms such as South Korea’s Melon and Sweden’s Spotify use a “pro-rata” model that shares streaming revenue with artists by collecting all fees from users and dividing that pool of money according to the percentage of streams each artist receives. That means even if you never listen to the most frequently streamed artists on the platform, a percentage of the money you pay will go to them.

Users who mainly enjoy indie musicians still send most of their money to mainstream artists, while fans of rookie bands end up mainly supporting big-name chart-toppers. Vibe says it aims to change this winner-take-all structure and pay artists based only on listening time by individual users.


Naver Vibe for Windows- Features

Mix tapes today

Every morning, You can collect your favorite songs and make a mixtape. You can also hide songs that you would like, between your favorite songs.

Soaring Chart

Stop the same Top 100 all day long. Check out the soaring chart to see the songs that have just risen today

DJ station

My own DJ station that continuously selects the music that suits your taste if you choose the desired feel and genre. Choose according to your mood and situation now.

Storage box

Keep the songs you like by pressing “Like” and use the same function when you don’t have enough data. All of these are organized in a library in an easy to hear why.


Install Naver VIBE app on Windows and Mac

  1. To begin, install an Android emulator on your PC, I recommend BlueStacks and NoxPlayer
  2. Launch the emulator on your PC
  3. Log In using your Google ID, if you do not have one and create it
  4. Open the PlayStore app and search for the Naver VIBE app and Locate it
  5. Click on the install button and start listening to your favorite Korean songs
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