MyFlo for PC – How to use on Windows 10, Mac

Use the MyFlo app on your PC. Track your hormone symptoms daily, and MyFLO will tell you how to use food to resolve symptoms and when to expect menstruation.

MyFlo for Mac

What is the MyFlo PC app?

Raise your hand if you have annoying symptoms around that time of the month (think bloating, fatigue, acne, headaches…you get the idea). MyFlo for PC will help you log your symptoms in a way that can give you a clearer picture of your overall health. It can even suggest lifestyle changes (such as foods you should be eating) to make you feel better. Of course, if the app does point out any health issues, it’s best to see your doctor for actual tests and advice.

Yes, period tracking apps can sometimes be wrong—especially if you’re a woman with an irregular or variable cycle. “For example, if your cycle ranges from 28 to 32 days in length, the ovulatory window shifts three to four days each month,” Dr. Kudesia says. “Though the app shouldn’t miss the entire fertile window, it may be unable to pinpoint the exact day of ovulation.”

Assuming the above scenarios aren’t happening and you have a fairly regular cycle, a period tracking app can help you calculate the average length of your cycle, which it’ll then use to help you predict your next period. They can also help you chronicle any symptoms during your cycle.

For women with irregular menstruation, women starting menopause, or women wondering why they’re experiencing other random cycle symptoms (think excessive bloating, migraines, constipation, or low energy), the MyFlo for Windows app promises to do way more than simply track your periods: It takes the symptoms you record and turns them into useful information about your overall health.

MyFlo can clue you into possible hormone imbalances and suggests lifestyle changes (like the best foods to eat or activities to engage in) that could make you feel better during different phases of your cycle. The app works great for women with textbook menstruation, too.

MyFlo app on Windows

Key Features

  • Period tracker and ovulation calendar log over 70 symptoms and activities to get the most precise AI-based period and ovulation predictions.
  • Daily health insightsEnjoy thousands of expert articles, quizzes, and surveys in your personal feed continuously being adapted for your changing lifestyle.
  • Health AssistantGet engaged in dialogues on different health topics to understand your body signals better.
  • Pregnancy and post-pregnancy modes track your baby’s development and learn the essentials of being a parent with special visuals and articles developed by medical experts.
  • Secret ChatsDiscuss intimate topics, ask questions anonymously, and get support from millions of women worldwide.

What does it Offer

  • One-touch fast entry: tap icons that match your daily period symptoms
  • Smart tracking: enter period symptoms for 2 cycles and MyFLO will adjust its calendar to match your real cycle
  • Passcode-enabled: protect your data + privacy
  • Data backup option to help protect your period diary and preserve your data
  • Track 30+ symptoms like cramps, bloating, headache, acne, cravings, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, menstrual color, and heaviness
  • Learn what symptoms mean in each cycle phase and which foods to eat to resolve them
  • Tracks symptom frequency and suggests 4-week food-based plan to resolve your hormone symptoms
  • In-depth hormone symptom guide: learn why you have different hormone symptoms in all 4 phases of your cycle and what they mean in each cycle phase
  • Partner tips: have a better relationship by letting your partner know how your hormones are affecting you each week of your cycle
MyFlo app PC download

How to Install the MyFlo Tracker app on Window and Mac

  1. You will need to install an Android emulator on your PC, I will recommend the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer emulator.
  2. Install the Android emulator of your choice, and after the installation is complete open the emulator.
  3. Look for the PlayStore app on the home screen.
  4. Search for the MyFlo app and click on the install button.
  5. You will need to log in using your Google ID to start the download process.

You can use the MyFlo app in your smartphone as well.