Download Free Lords of Coins PC on Windows 10, Mac

 Lords of Coins PC is a slot-based game where you are in charge of building fascinating new worlds!

Lords of Coins for PC – Build your island on good fortune, attacks, and raids! It’s fun and simple! Simply spin the slot, win, or, if you are lucky, hit the jackpot, and build through compelling island adventures

Lords of Coins

Lords of Coins For Windows- What to expect

A funny professor crashed his ship. He doesn’t know where he is or what year it is! Travel through time, exploring the history of the world, art, music, culture, and science. With Lords of Coins, you are bound to have fun! Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Lord of Coins?

You will travel through time and magical lands fighting your enemies! Attack other players’ islands and raid their fortune! Defend your island against incoming attacks and earn more coins! This game is all about the art of earning coins and investing them to get more coins and spins

Only you decide where to travel to next on your adventure and what to explore further! But the goal remains the same – collect heaps of coins and keep upgrading your island!

You will have to take revenge on those who attack you and your island. You can also play with your friends, and lets be honest it is fun to play with your friends

Lords of Coins for PC

Lords Of Coins- Some Tips

Build and upgrade

Any island settlement costs coins to build. Use the coins that you collect from the slot machine to build and upgrade buildings on your island! Why will Lords of Coins have you coming back for more? Because as soon as you complete one settlement, a new, fun island construction already awaits you! Earn coins and spend them on building different islands!

Spin the slot machine

To earn coins, spin the slot machine that gives a special prize! You can also attack and raid other players’ islands to win even more coins, shields, and amazing rewards. Make sure you have enough spins available.

Choose your own path

Only you decide where to travel to next on your adventure and what to explore further! But the goal remains the same – collect heaps of coins and keep upgrading your island!

Raid & Attack islands

Can you guess where the greatest reward is hidden? Go and check it out! You can also get coins by raiding and attacking other players in the area. Visit their islands, collect all the hidden treasures and ruin their islands! But watch out that your enemies don’t exact revenge and raid your island, too!

Defend your island

The path to becoming a coin genius is through raids and attacks! But vengeful raiders never sleep Keep your guard up and defend your island from being attacked! Keep your guard to be number one in this awesome game

Exact revenge on your enemies

You cannot forgive those who ruin your island! It’s pay back time! Prove your strategic abilities and always stay one step ahead of your friends in Lords of Coins!

Compete against your friends

Let’s be honest, it’s more fun to play against your friends! Connect to Facebook to compete with your friends in Lords of Coins! Who will be the next Time Lord?

Complete the collection!

  • Collect and trade statues with friends, and be the first to finish the collection to win amazing rewards!
  • Collect all the puzzle pieces and complete the puzzle collection by upgrading the special upgrade on each island!
Lords of Coins for Windows

Download Lords Of Coins on Windows and Mac

Are you looking for a way to download Lords of Coins on your Windows 10 and macOS PCs, Do not worry, you can easily dowload the Lords of Coins game on your PC/Laptop.

Android apps are exclusively made for that Platform and cannot be used on any other platform. Android Emulators have been around for quite some years now enabling PC users to use android apps on other platforms. This software emulates an android on your PC which in turn lets you download any android app, especially games. We will be using one of the Two emulators BlueStacks or NoxPlayer they are the best emulators out there and have one of the best UIs. They have some awesome features for playing games, you will not be disappointed by their use

Follow the steps below. we will be discussing BlueStacks but you can follow these steps for Nox App Player

  1. Download and Install BlueStacks on your PC
  2. Follow the On-Screen instructions to complete the setup
  3. Open the emulator and locate the PlayStore app on the home screen of the emulator, and open it
  4. Type Lords of Coins app in the search bar, and search for it
  5. Click on the install button to complete the download, Now you can use the Lords of Coins PC app