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Download the Klover app on PC. It is the first platform to give you access to your wages early: innovative tools to help you stay financially stable and protect you from expensive loans, predatory payday lending, and overdraft fees.

Klover for Mac

What is the Klover PC app

If you need extra cash to cover an expense before your next payday, Klover for PC offers cash advances of up to $100.

Technically, the service these apps offer isn’t a loan; it’s a paycheck advance. In other words, it’s a way to get paid a little early for the work you’ve already performed.

How it Works

A payday advance app pays you for some of the work you’ve already done this week, even if your paycheck is still several days away. The app transfers, say, $100 to your checking account, and when your next paycheck arrives, the app takes $100 directly from it to cover the cost.

It’s the same way a payday loan works but with one crucial difference: There’s no interest. When you receive your paycheck, all that comes out of it is the $100 you actually received, without an extra $15 or more in interest. The Klover for Windows app earns its makers money in a variety of other ways, including tips and monthly fees.


  • bank statement’s paycheck description must match previously deposited paychecks with no spelling variations.
  • You have at least 3+ direct deposits sent to your primary checking account (no savings account)
  • Your last 3 direct deposits have been consistent and within the last 60 days.
  • No gaps in pay 
  • All deposits come from the same employer. 
  • Be on a weekly or bi-weekly pay schedule. No monthly or semi-monthly deposits are accepted. 
  • Deposits must be from a company that is NOT a loan or paycheck advance company. 
  • Deposits cannot be ATM deposits, cash deposits, Venmo, CashApp, etc.
  • Your checking account must be in good standing and active for the last 90 days. 
Klover app on PC

Why you should use the Klover for PC app

However, the lack of interest doesn’t mean there’s no downside. You’re still taking money out of your next paycheck, leaving yourself with even less to pay all the bills. For many, that leads to taking another advance before the next paycheck, and another the paycheck after that. Eventually, you’re stuck in a cycle. You’re always behind and dependent on the app and the advances it offers to get you through the month.

  • Eligibility — There’s no credit check required to use the Klover app. But you must have a steady paycheck that’s set up with direct deposit into your checking account, and you need to show that you have enough money in your account to pay the advance back once you receive your next paycheck.
  • Membership fee — Klover for Windows charges a monthly membership fee of $1.
  • Low balance alerts — Klover sends alerts when your checking account balance is getting low or when you have a bill due, so you can decide whether to request a payday advance to help prevent overdraft fees.
  • No interest — The app doesn’t charge interest on cash advances, but it asks for optional tips to help support the app.
  • Funding timeline — You can choose from two funding options: standard or express.  Standard funding is included with your monthly membership fee, but it takes up to three business days to receive your money. You may be able to get your money the same day you request it with the express option, but it
Klover app PC download

How to Install the Klover app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need to install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Follow the on-screen instruction in the installation wizard to complete the installation of the emulator.
  3. Open the emulator and look for the PlayStore app on the home screen.
  4. You will now be required to give your Google ID, it is necessary to access the PlayStore features
  5. Search for the Klover app, click on the install button.
  6. Now the app is downloaded on your PC and you can use it.

If you want to use the app on your smartphone as well, follow this LINK.

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