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Download the Iron Marines app on PC. Fight challenging real time strategy sci-fi battles on amazing and unknown planets. Command and conquer brave soldiers, mighty mechs and aliens against hordes of space monsters.

Iron Marines for Mac

What is the Iron Marines PC app

Take a universe that leans heavily on inspiration from StarCraft, add in a great touch interface and simplified base building that feels a bit more like a tower defense game, and you’ve got Iron Marines for Windows app. Mission types are straight out of what you’d see playing a single player RTS game and have you doing things like conquering different parts of a map, defending objectives, rescuing other units, and many other things.

The game is set in deep space, and sees you playing the commander of the titular marines. You’re tasked with saving human colonies from an invading alien army. And as the game goes on you’ll get more tools to use to do just that.

Your main weapon in the scrap is your hero unit. They’re tough, durable, and have special skills they can use to their advantage in skirmishes. Alongside them you have a variety of troops. Rangers, snipers, giant stomping mechs that fire out gouts of deadly flame. You’ll add to your army as you get deeper into the experience, and upgrade your hero as well.

Missions involve traversing large levels, completing objectives. There are bases to defend, installations to protect, and enemies to blast into pieces. You build machine gun outposts, and draw your army from special transportation devices when you’ve got resources to spend.

Iron Marines for PC takes the simplicity of the tower defense genre, but then layers a thick and difficult RTS on top of it. There’s not much fiddling around here, and that makes the whole experience perfectly suited to mobile.

Iron Marines app on PC


  • 21 CAMPAIGN MISSIONS across three scifi planets. Each challenge will make you improve your strategy to save the galaxy!
  • 17 SPECIAL OPERATIONS will test if you have what it takes to battle your way as a space marine.
  • 40+ UPGRADES to build the ultimate RTS army! Choose between Defense Drones, Napalm Rockets, Ricocheting Blasts, Lethal Weapons and many more.
  • 7 UNITS to bring into battle and give your hero some extra firepower!
  • SPECIAL WEAPONS to unleash hell on your enemies! What’s better than a well-placed missile? An orbital strike of 50 high-explosive missiles!
  • DEFEAT UNIQUE BOSSES in epic battles. They are green, mean, killing machines!!! Well… some are machines and these aliens aren’t green… but they’re all massive and determined to crush you. Suit up, Marines!
  • ACHIEVEMENTS to complete and show everyone you’re the best RTS commander in the galaxy


It seems like Iron Marines PC app doles out a constant supply of credits, and while you certainly won’t have enough to spam the consumable weapons every time you come across an enemy, you get enough credits that you shouldn’t really feel shy about firing off some special bombs if you’re really in a bind.

Similarly, the way the techpoints end up panning out for filling in your tech tree, unless you really just want to boost your progress there’s no reason I can come up with to buy additional points- Particularly considering unlocking the game’s tech tree of persistent upgrades feels like one of the major overall progression paths in the game, so you’re effectively paying to skip playing, which seems odd.

Iron Marines app PC download

How to Install Iron Marines app on Windows and Mac

  1. Install an Android emulator on your PC, I will recommend the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.
  2. Complete the installation of the emulator by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. After the installation is complete open the emulator and looks for the PlayStore app on the home.
  4. Log in using your Google ID.
  5. Search for the Iron Marines app, click on the install button to start the download process.
  6. You will need to pay an amount of $2.99 to start the process.

You can also play this game on your smartphone as well, just follow this LINK.

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