Step-by-step Guide to Install Mi Home App On PC (Windows/macOS)


Technology has evolved over the past few years. The things that were thought to be impossible are now happening around us. Some of the biggest examples are Video calls, Electric Cars, Driverless Cars, Drones. Some of these things that we mentioned were thought impossible only a few years ago. Today, I am bringing you the latest High tech application Mi Home App On PC but first I will take you through why Mi Home is the best.

Mi Home App

Mi Home App is used for Xiaomi devices to control several household devices over the internet.  Home automation is one of the biggest examples of how much technology has evolved. Also, it is the perfect example of how much life has been made easier with this technology, but only if used correctly.

Xiaomi is not selling Mobile phones and TVs but also some of the smart accessories for your homes. The variety of smart products that you can buy from Xiaomi today includes smart switches, lights, plugs, temperature controllers, humidifiers, ACs, security cameras, Wi-Fi Routers, and much more.

With Mi Home App control all the smart home products around the globe. All you need is the Mi Home App and an active internet connection to start using this application. So, if you are a big fan of technology and love bringing technology into your real life as much as possible then start with this awesome application by Xiaomi.

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Mi Home App On PC

Some Features of Mi Home App

Below are some of the amazing features you can experience with this amazing Application.

  • Set your specified automation rules for each smart device and control them as per desire.
  • Control all the Wi-Fi-enabled devices from your smartphone with a single tap on the screen.
  • There are several devices that you can list together and make them a group, So you have a dedicated list of each room, place you want to control.
  • Install new devices to the page and keep on editing as you like with time.
  • Within the list tap on the toggle button right next to each item to Turn it On/Off.
  • If you want to navigate to each screen of the device simply tap on it from the list and the details will open.

There are several amazing features that you can enjoy about the application. So, start using the application now.

How to Install Mi Home App On PC (Windows/macOS)

We told you about some of the basic features that make this amazing application what it is today. Now, we will guide you on how to Download the amazing Mi Home App For PC using Android Emulator. So, follow the guide given below to use Mi Home App on Windows/Mac PC.

Mi Home App For PC

  1. Download one of the Android Emulators (Below).
  2. Launch the Emulator, and open Google Play Store from its homepage.
  3. Login using your Google credentials and Accept the required Policies.
  4. Type “Mi Home App” on the search bar.
  5. Click on the install button next to “Mi Home App” and wait for some time.
  6. That’s all!
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Once the installation is complete in the above steps, Launch the application from the Android Emulator and start enjoying Mi Home on PC. Enhance the amazing features of this amazing application on a bigger screen and become one step closer to the Future. For more tips & tricks, stay tuned with BrowsePC.

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