How to Download iDMSS Plus on PC (Windows/macOS)


iDMSS / gDMSS (iPhone / Android)  is one of the best security surveillance applications out there that has several amazing features. First, we will tell you about the amazing features of this application and then a guide to Download iDMSS Plus on PC using a simple step-by-step guide.

Security has become one of the rising concerns of the Modern Era. With time a lot has improved around us and things we just imagines some years ago have become part of our everyday lives. But with these advancements, the issues are also on a rise. Again, the technology steps in and helps you in taking care of some issues around. One of the similar things that technology-assisted us is with the online surveillance cameras.

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About iDMSS Plus

iDMSS is a remote video surveillance tool that you can use to monitor surveillance from your device over the internet. All you need is an active internet connection and a compatible device. Since iDMSS Plus is developed by Dahua, most of the devices this application supports are also Dahua devices. You can also try it with your surveillance equipment to check if it is supported.

Dahua has a wide variety of products from CCTV Cameras, XVRs, NVRs, HDCIs, IP Cameras, and much more. All of this equipment can be controlled using simple taps on the iDMSS Plus application.

Some of the Features that make iDMSS awesome are as follow:

  • Real-time surveillance of all your devices in a single application.
  • Record the feed and view it later, as no one can keep an eye 24/7.
  • Enable the Motion detection feature to get notified whenever there’s a motion in visible area.
  • Enables you to use the intercom system if your IP camera is supported, So talk to the person on the other side of your camera via your mobile/tab/PC.
  • Enable notifications, so you get notified of each change, motion, and much more rather than keeping an eye forever.
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There are countless other features that we can discuss, but let’s move on to the actual guide of installing iDMSS Plus on PC using a simple guide.

iDMSS Plus on PC

How to Download iDMSS Plus on PC (Windows/macOS)

There are simple steps below with which you can Download iDMSS For PC. There is no official iDMSS PC version available yet. But, the guide will let you the actual android/iOS application i.e. gDMSS/iDMSS Plus on PC. Follow the steps below.

Download iDMSS Plus For PC

  1. First Download one of the Android Emulators given below.
  2. Launch the Emulator and Open Google Play store.
  3.  Login using your Google Account credentials.
  4. Type “gDMSS Plus” in the search bar of Google Play.
  5. Click on the install button once you see the gDMSS plus by
    Zhejiang DAHUA Technology Co., Ltd.
  6. Wait for the installation to complete.

Once the above steps are complete, Launch the gDMSS application on the Emulator and you are good to use it on a bigger screen. That’s all for now, stay tuned for more similar tips and tricks.

Note: gDMSS and iDMSS are same applications with different names developed by the same developers. iDMSS is for iOS devices and gDMSS is for Android devices, so don’t worry about not finding iDMSS Plus on PC / Android.

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