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Download the House Flipper app on PC. it is the best free one-man makeover crew on the market. Become an interior & house designer and start your very own business. Play the game on your PC now.

House Flipper for Mac

What is the House Flipper PC app

For those not in the know, the art of house flipping refers to the practice of buying a house, doing it up, and then flogging it… hopefully for a profit. If you’ve watched one of these shows and thought “that’s the life for me” – now you can have a trial run of your new venture on a console.

House Flipper for PC is a game for folks who like to obsess over furniture placement and room layouts just as much as it is a game for people who enjoy the simple act of cleaning. Most of the starter homes you’ll buy are lined with garbage from wall to wall and caked in grime in places I didn’t even know stains could reach. The squalor on display is simultaneously impressive and laughable.

House Flipper on PC

How to start your Journey

You start off with some money in the bank, living in a crappy little hut that doubles as your office. You use your laptop to find some jobs in the local area, for example fitting radiators and painting walls, or even clearing out cockroach infestations. The nice developers have even given the option to switch out cockroaches for glass in case you have a fear of the little buggers.

The first few jobs you do act as a sort of tutorial, just asking you to do one or two things like cleaning, painting, or fitting a bathroom. At first, you’re pretty slow at what you do. Pretty much everything you do, from fitting appliances to painting walls just requires you to press the button (if only it were that easy in real life). Pick up litter, press the button.

After tidying up your home, it’s probably a good idea to start adding your own personal interior-design touches with your choice of paint, tiles, flooring, and furnishings. You can search for items either by category or by typing in their name, which is a much-appreciated convenience. At first, the list feels overwhelming, but you soon come to realize what’s essential. Much of it is simply fluff.

It’s on you to make things look squeaky clean. Among other micro-tasks, you’ll pick up trash, vacuum cockroaches, stab your mop at stains, scrub windows, plaster holes, and replace burnt-out electrical outlets. Installing showers, toilets, radiators, and sinks is slightly more hands-on you have to manually click and hold your mouse on individual components to assemble them bit by bit but that’s as complicated as House Flipper for Windows ever gets. For better and for worse, its take on renovation is all very simplified and streamlined.

Each time you perform an action on House Flipper for PC, you get a tiny bit closer to earning a skill point for character upgrades that will make your life a little easier. These are all geared toward improving your all-around efficiency (time is money!), allowing you to see every stain on your minimap, build walls that come pre-painted, or negotiate with buyers among other more basic speed boosts for routine manual labor.

House Flipper app PC download

How to Install House Flipper app on Windows and Mac

  1. You can install an Android emulator on your PC. you can choose from the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer
  2. Complete the installation of the emulator by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. After the installation is complete open the emulator and look for the PlayStore app
  4. You will need to sign in using your Google ID to access the app store features.
  5. Search for the House Flipper app
  6. Click on the install button to start the download process.

Play this game on your smartphone as well, just follow this LINK.

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