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Chimparty For PC-It’s time to find out who’s the top banana with the Chimparty companion app. Challenge up to three friends and compete in a blitz of 18 wacky party games across 90 levels.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to gaming or the King Kong player among friends and family, there’s something for everyone here, from flinging your chimp into a hoop, to escaping your rivals in a manic tag contest.

Chimparty For PC

Chimparty For PC-Review

There are eighteen minigames in all with five themed variants ranging from pirates to wizards. These put some cool and crazy twists on the games and keep it from becoming repetitive. You can even play in a Solo Challenge against Orangu-Bob where you face off against the AI with the large grumpy ape hot on your heels.


Chimparty for PC is a fun and colorful experience with zany themed minigames which are all easy to understand. People young and old should be able to enjoy the silly primates and even the mean orangutan.


A nice little voice over compliments the crazy antics and fun music during your Chimparty for PC experience. The sound effects are silly and fun, especially with all the tooting on certain games.


This game features no online component but allows for up to four players to partake in the silly games. While I would have liked to play this online with friends and random players, I’m happy that the device connectivity works very well without a single issue to report.

Chimparty For PC

Key features and Modes- Chimparty For PC


Easy to learn gameplay

Using your smart device as a controller, each mini-game is accessible and intuitive. Simply use one on-screen button with skill and timing, to jump, float, run, paint and more.

Enjoy five different themes

Play across a prehistoric jungle, haunted castle, pirate harbour, alien landscape and wizard’s manor, with changes in gravity, shape-changing antics and interactive elements to watch out for.

Customise your Monkey

Give your cheeky monkey the look of a winner, with selectable headgear, accessories, and shoes, with the chance to unlock more as you play. And all your customizations and progress stays on the Chimparty For PC app, no matter which PS4 you play on.


Beat all-comers no matter the mode, with four different ways to play

Board game mode (FOR TWO TO FOUR PLAYERS)

Reach the goal before everyone else on an immersive game board, in the quest for the ultimate banana trophy.

Survival mode (FOR ONE PLAYER)

Hold on to as many stars as you can, for as long as you can, as you get some practice in the range of mini-games.


Play through 10 rapidly changing random games to collect stars – the chimp with the most stars at the end, win Chimparty For PC


Take your pick between all 90 levels and customise your play session, just as you like.

Chimparty app

Boardgame mode- Chimparty For PC

Treadmill Thrill

Collect as many bananas as you can on a course that is riddled with obstacles and hazards, but watch out – hitting an obstacle will cause you to fall down and lose precious time.

Wobble Volley

Outscore your rivals in this riotous, anything-goes version of volleyball. There’s no referee, so feel free to jump onto the opposing team’s side to cause a bit of mayhem

Basket Head

Shoot your chimp through the basket hoop to score points in a lush jungle environment with bouncy bongos and swinging branches. Grab a coconut and slam dunk it for extra points

Monkey Shot

Launch your chimps as far as possible across a pirate pier filled with hazards, collecting as many bananas as possible. Be sure to use handy springboards and cannons to fly further

Monkey Sports

Chimparty For CP -Buddy-up on a field for a 2v2 goal-based game, where the sport changes based on the theme of the game board. Score more points than your opposition before the timer ends. 

Chimparty For Windows

Download – Chimparty For PC App

Chimpantry For PC App is a companion app to the PS4 version of the game you need to download the app to be able to play the game

You can also Download the Chimparty App on your PC with the help of an android emulator. Here we are going to discuss the method to download the app on your PC

  1. Download the Android Emulator on your PC, we recommend BlueStacks or NoxPlayer
  2. After completing the setup Start the emulator
  3. Initial setup may take a while, you will also be required to give you Google Credentials to login
  4. At the home screen of emulator look for the PlayStore
  5. Search Chimparty app by PlayStation mobile inc, after finding the app click on the install button
  6. Now the app IS installed On Your PC and You can enjoy the complete game on you PS4 with the help of Chimparty For PC

You can also download the Chimparty companion App from the PlayStore on your Smartphone by following this LINK

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