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Download the Epic Seven app on PC and experience unparalleled Android RPG combat with thumping audio effects and glorious graphics. Immerse yourself in a stunning world of demons and angels!

Epic Seven for Mac

What is Epic Seven PC app?

A Celestial War rages above, but your Goddess has avoided her duties to her heavenly race to bring prosperity and peace to your World. In their rage and jealousy, her siblings created the sinister Archdaemon to rain destruction on your planet. You are Ras, Heir of the Covenant, the One Chosen by the Goddess to rid the world of the Archdemon and his unearthly army. Welcome to the 7th World.

In Epic Seven for PC, the main character is Ras, the Heir of the Covenant, who is tasked with defeating the Archdemon who threatens the world of Orbis. In a cycle that repeats itself time and time again, this isn’t the first time Orbis has been under such a threat. The characters are interesting enough that you want to read what they have to say and figure out how they fit into the overall tale.

Epic Seven on PC


The initial curve of the game is overwhelming if you engage with Epic Seven for Windows with the mindset of, “It’s a mobile game, so how complicated can it be?” The prologue-style opening throws a lot of story elements and characters at you while using interfaces filled with bits of information that don’t initially provide a lot of clarity.

Throughout the game, you play as a party of up to four members, but you decide which heroes to bring to each level. Each hero has three abilities: basic attack, a more powerful ability with a cooldown, and an even stronger ability with an even longer cooldown


Navigating the levels is perhaps the more overly simplified aspect of the game, in contrast to nearly every other system in Epic Seven. You simply hold your finger on whichever side of the screen is labeled “Go,” and occasionally, you’ll find a fight, some loot, or something else of interest, such as an optional conversation. Occasionally, levels feature an area where you can choose which direction to proceed, but the game doesn’t let you simply wander a map.

Each hero levels up individually, have their own gear slots, and their own stats. You get new heroes by using summons; you get a free one every day but also have the option to spend real money currency for it. To its credit, the game provides a screen detailing the chances of what you’ll get out of doing so, so you have a rough idea of what to expect. Getting a duplicate hero can be a good thing if it’s one that you enjoy using, as it allows you to combine them to add XP and unlock a permanent upgrade.

Wait for the Turn

Combat is turn-based, and it occurs in the order that is shown on-screen, so you can plan for the next enemy you’ll fight. This lets you strategize over picking off an enemy that might have their turn soon, or perhaps leave a weaker enemy to do his thing while you continue to whittle down a boss. There is also a soul system, where most abilities generate souls that can be “spent” by supercharging one of a character’s abilities or calling in an attack from a powerful summon. Similar to the ability cooldowns, knowing where to use souls to amp up an attack or get healed can be very important.


The cooldowns are measured by their passing turns, but the cooldown persists between combat encounters within a level. You may want to burn a strong area-of-effect ability to deal with a large group of enemies, but you risk it being unavailable if there’s a strong boss-type enemy in the next encounter.


Between the characters, there is a certain system of relationship – trust, which shows how effectively they will behave in battle if they are placed next to each other. Trust has 3 main statuses:

  1. Blue color indicates ordinary trust.
  2. Violet color – reflects distrust.
  3. Green – indicates a strong attachment.
Epic Seven on Windows

Epic Seven Key Features:

  • Varied Character Cast – recruit, unlock, and summon a wide variety of voiced heroes that fall under different classes, including Mage, Soul Weaver, and Knight.
  • Engaging Storyline – play through the game’s story for an exciting adventure to banish evil forever, while meeting and forming relationships with characters on your way.
  • Epic Anime-Styled Graphics – the game offers some of the highest quality anime graphics available as if players were playing an anime.
  • PvE and PvP Content – play the game’s Adventure mode, enter the Labyrinth, and send your team out on Expeditions, or join the game’s AI-controlled PvP mode by entering the Arena.
  • Customize your Team – Build a unique team of 4 characters, each with a set of upgradeable equipment and a unique trust/friendship system with other characters.

All items that are sold in the store for real money can be obtained in different adventures. The main emphasis in the game is on the development of characters, rather than on its receipt. Therefore, the game has a system that allows the player to summon new heroes. But the system is designed to challenge the desired warrior. In general, the game is quite interesting and exciting. The basic gameplay is understandable without knowledge of foreign languages.

Epic Seven app PC download

How to Install Epic Seven app on Windows and Mac

Play Epic Seven on PC and choose a formation of powerful heroes to take into battle against the Demon King’s raging hordes. Complete missions or sweep your way through the mysterious dungeons of the Labyrinth and earn sweet rewards and awesome loot. Equip your warriors with the hottest gear then clash steel with the Archdaemon’s forces in this never-ending battle for dominion over our world.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC
  2. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later
  3. Look for Epic Seven in the search bar at the top right corner
  4. Click to install the app from the search results
  5. Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Epic Seven
  6. Click the Epic Seven icon on the home screen to start playing

You can also play the game on your smartphone, just download the game from this LINK.

Epic Seven PC
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