How to use DraStic DS Emulator for PC free – Windows 10, Mac

Download now DraStic DS Emulator on PC. IF you are looking for a way to Download DraStic Emulator for your Windows and Mac PCs we have got you covered.

DraStic DS Emulator for Mac

What is DraStic DS Emulator PC app

Drastic DS Emulator for PC is not just some Nintendo android simulator, it is one, if not the best, Nintendo android simulator you can download in the market today. Drastic DS Emulator allows you to play almost any Nintendo game on your android smartphone. It does not require you to have a rooted phone, so playing with a non-rooted phone is possible.

Drastic DS Emulator for Windows offers the best Nintendo gaming experience you can have on your smartphones by providing a lot of features like the ability to apply customizations, better game rendering, high-end graphics, plus the ability to support external hardware controllers. Saving your game progress is not an issue as well as Drastic DS Emulator supports Google Drive saving and that is unheard of from other Nintendo android emulators.

DraStic DS Emulator on PC

To set up DraStic, you’ll need to get the BIOS files for the Nintendo DS and drop them onto your device’s root storage folder, SD card, or Download folder. Now, these files are copyrighted, and the only way to get them legally is off of your own NDS system via some expensive third-party hardware. There are other ways for Google Android users to get Nintendo DS BIOS files, but they aren’t strictly legal. The game ROMs themselves are also a somewhat tricky legal subject, but it’s generally agreed that you’ve got the right to emulate a commercially-sold game if you own an original copy. All the screenshots you see here are from games that I own.

This one is designed from the ground up to run on ARM and requires at least a Cortex-A8 processor (with a few exceptions) and 256MB of RAM to run. I tried out DraStic on both the NVIDIA SHIELD, and performance was at basically 100%, but devices with limited RAM and single-core processors will probably see noticeable drops.

DraStic DS Emulator app PC download

How to Install DraStic DS emulator on Windows and Mac

  1. To begin, Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC
  2. Run the .exe file to complete the installation of the emulator
  3. Open the emulator and look for the PlayStore app on the home screen
  4. Log in using your Google ID
  5. Search for the DraStic DS emulator app
  6. Click on the install button to get the app on your PC

Also you can use the emulator on your smartphone from this LINK