How to Play Dragon Ball Z Dokkan for PC Free – Windows 10, Mac

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is one of the best DRAGON BALL mobile game experiences available. Download now Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on PC and enjoy one of the best games of the Dragon Ball series.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan for Mac

What is Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle PC app?

Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Dragonball Z gang is here for epic battles in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

. This new Android-powered app features all of your favorite characters from the Dragonball Z series to wage war against each other. Visit various locations from the Dragonball Z universe as you fight to restore order in a world of chaos. Trunks time machine crash-lands and sends the entire Dragonball Z timeline into an uproar. Now you must battle your way to an answer if things are ever going to be the same again.

Like its namesake, the game’s action sequences are fast-paced and exciting. Also like its namesake, there are lots of slow parts that upset the pacing of the story. For example, every time you summon a new character you will have to watch an often-slow-loading animation at Goku firing a Kamehameha at a planet for some reason. It’s small things like this that really slow the pace of the game down. Also, I wish there was a little bit more control involved with a) crossing the board (remember that “dice” rolls are randomized) and b) setting up your colored Ki matches. As it stands, sometimes all you can do is equip a few healing items and hope for the best.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan PC download


  • Collect enough Ki Spheres to activate Super Attacks just like the anime
  • From Goku’s Iconic Kamehameha attack to Vegeta’s Final Flash, all your favorites are here
  • Experience them all in epic 2D illustrations and animations

Your favorite characters

  • From DBZ to DBS, many popular DB characters are available
  • Summon new and classic favorites such as Super – Saiyan God SS Goku, Vegeta, Krillin or rivals such as Frieza, Cell, Beerus, and Jiren plus more from the popular anime series

Form your Team

  • Organize your DRAGON BALL team and create the strongest fighting force
  • Train your favorite DB characters and Awaken them to new realms of power

A new Story

  • Bring order to the DRAGON BALL timeline
  • Play the board game-style map and all-new story with your favorite Dragon Ball characters!
  • Experience reimagined stories with DB characters new and old
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan app download

How to Install Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on Windows and Mac

Just like Dragonball Z, this adventure is going to be epic. Too epic, in fact, to just play on your little mobile device. Instead, bring the power of the Dragon Balls to your home computer and play Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on PC and Mac using the free BlueStacks Android Emulator tool. BlueStacks is a free program that gives your computer the know-how to understand and run almost any Android app out there. Expand your mobile gaming universe with the BlueStacks player by clicking the link above.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks or NoxPlayer on your PC
  2. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later
  3. Look for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle in the search bar at the top right corner
  4. Click to install Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle for Windows from the search results
  5. Click the app icon on the home screen to start playing