Download BlueStacks 4.2 for Windows 32 Bit


BlueStacks is the top choice among the users who love playing Android games on their computers. What makes the BlueStacks so special is its compatibility with various operating systems. If you are looking for the 32 Bit Windows compatible BlueStacks, you have landed at the right place. You can download the BlueStacks 4.2 for Windows 32 Bit from here. This will work with all versions of Windows released to date.

Before you download BlueStacks 4.2 for Windows 32 Bit, I’d like to give you a brief overview of this emulator.

What exactly is BlueStacks?

Those of you who have already used this software, they can skip this part, but those who are completely new to BlueStacks, let me tell you that it’s a great piece of software. BlueStacks was launched first back in 2011. The purpose of the emulator was to allow Windows and Mac users to run the Android OS on their computers. BlueStacks runs like a virtual tablet inside your computer. It uses the VT on the latest computers to run smoothly.

Background of BlueStacks

Initially, BlueStacks supported x86-powered systems only. It ran on the basic versions of Android for a good amount of time. BlueStacks ran on the Android 4.4 KitKat for the longest duration before it finally received the Android 5.0 Lollipop in 2015. As of today, the latest version of BlueStacks is 4.2 and it is using the Android 8.0 Oreo. Even though Android 8.0 is a couple of years old now, but it’s good enough to run a major percentage of the Android apps on a computer.

BlueStacks 4.1 for Windows 32 Bit

BlueStacks Experience

Now when we talk about running Android apps on a computer via BlueStacks, it doesn’t mean you will just run the app for basic purpose and done. BlueStacks has a lot of quality to it. It is filled with features that you cannot find on the latest and the most powerful Android smartphones. In simple words, BlueStacks gives you a full-fledge PC experience for any Android app/game you run inside it. It allows running your favorite games on a bigger screen of the computer.

BlueStacks 4.1 for Windows 32 Bit
Playing Kind of Avalon inside BlueStacks on Windows 10

The Android-exclusive applications can be enjoyed on a Windows-powered system. BlueStacks allows configuring the controls too. The Keymapping feature is one of its-own-kind. Furthermore, users can manually change the graphics and performance engines in the emulator. BlueStacks has its own screen recorder too. If you are a streamer or gaming YouTuber, the in-built screen recorder of BlueStacks is going to be of great help.

How BlueStacks has improved over time?

It is true that BlueStacks wasn’t as good a few years back. After the emulator received a major update in 2015, it has been getting improved only. BlueStacks has covered a journey from being a resource-hungry emulator to the lightest emulator in 2020. It runs on the systems with the least powerful hardware. The application compatibility has also improved over time. You can run over 90% of Android applications on a PC using the BlueStacks. It comes with its own Google Play Store. To run BlueStacks, you don’t need to own an Android device. So let’s say that you own a non-Android phone and you still want to enjoy Android, BlueStacks is your way to go. The best part? Well, it is free.

BlueStacks 4.1 for Windows 32 Bit
BlueStacks 4.2 UI

Take a look at the requirements to download and install BlueStacks 4.2 for Windows 32 Bit.

Recommended System Requirements for BlueStacks

  • Intel/ATI/AMD/NVIDIA Graphics Card
  • Intel/AMD/ATI Chipset.
  • Minimum 4GB of RAM.
  • 5GB of Free Hard Disk Space.
  • HDD: SSD Recommended.
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 | 32-Bit System Type.
  • VT Enabled in BIOS
  • A good Broadband connection.

Complete list of BlueStacks requirements can be found here.

How to know the architecture of your computer – 32 Bit or 64 Bit?

Go to the Start Menu on your computer and click on the Search bar. Type “System Info” to find System Information. Open the Information app and find out the “System Type” on the list. If your system is 64 Bit, download the BlueStacks 64 Bit from here. In case you have 32 Bit, download BlueStacks 4.2 from below.

BlueStacks 4.1 for Windows 32 Bit
System Architecture

Download BlueStacks 4.2 for Windows 32 Bit

  1. After downloading the setup file, install BlueStacks.
  2. Open the emulator and sign in using your old or new Google Account.
  3. Now launch the Google Play Store inside the BlueStacks.
  4. Install any application/tool/game you want and start using it.

BlueStacks is self-explanatory for the most part. On the right side of the Emulator, you will find all the essential tools and controls. The KeyMapper, Screenshot, Full Screen, Crop, and other options appear in the right toolbar. From the settings of the emulator, you can change the graphics, performance, and frame rates for games. To change the settings of the Android running inside BlueStacks, you will go to More Apps > Settings. If you have any questions about the emulator, reach out to us using the comments below.

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