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Get the DingTalk app on PC and start attending your classes and meetings from your PC. I will be discussing in this article how you can use the app on your PC

DingTalk for Mac

What is DingTalk for PC app? and Where is it being used?

As most of the world has shifted towards online working, which includes people from offices to schools. Most of the world has used Google suites and other software while China has seen a spike in its app called DingTalk PC

DingTalk is a clock in/clock out virtual meeting program provided by Chinese retail giant Alibaba. The company recently added features such as homework assignments, online grading, and online test-taking to develop a virtual classroom for about 50 million students.

The app has been there for a year or so, It was originally made for organizations as a mobile Office, and a workplace, eliminating the need for emails and paper but it got updates adding features to it making it viable to be used by schools and other institutions. The new features include live classes for schools that can encompass around 300 students at a time, with online testing and grading features.

The app has received a lot of criticism from the students using it, saying that they have to follow school routine at home because of its clock in/ clock-out feature that lets the administrator keep tabs on the students. The same problem is being reported by the employees as well who are using the DingTalk for Windows app

DingTalk on PC

How to Install DingTalk app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need an Android emulator on your PC, I recommend BlueStacks
  2. Run the emulator initially it will take some time to start as additional files will be downloaded
  3. Now open the PlayStore app from the home screen of the emulator
  4. Login using your Google ID
  5. Search for the DingTalk app, and locate it
  6. Click on the install button to get the app on your PC
DingTalk PC
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