How to Install Free CovidWise PC app- Windows 10, Mac


Get the CovidWise app on PC and stay updated about the Covid-19 situation from your laptop, I will be discussing later in this article how you can get the app on your PC

CovidWise for Mac

What is CovidWise PC app

The app has been designed to keep track of the COVID-19 cases in the state of Virginia USA. COVIDWISE for PC is an app that uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth wireless signals to figure out when you’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. It will give you a notification based on its tracking that “You have likely been exposed.” That notification can be another way, but it will help you keep yourself and everyone safe

The Biggest concern for the users is the tracking and their privacy, the authorities in Virginia have made it sure that your personal info is safe and no one has access to them. People are still not sure if they should use the app or not, but regardless of the risks you should download and use these apps. as the number of users will increase it will become easier to track the COVID-19 virus and stop it before it spreads more

How COVIDWISE for Windows works?

If someone reports to the app that they tested positive, the signals from their app will search for other app users who shared that signal. The BLE signals are date-stamped and the app estimates how close the two devices were based on signal strength. If the timeframe was at least 15 minutes and the estimated distance was within six feet, then the other user receives a notification of a possible exposure. Neither your name nor your location will be shared with any other users on the app, your privacy will be fully respected

Your Privacy is Guaranteed

Covidwise listens for those Bluetooth chirps from nearby phones, which contain random codes. They change frequently and don’t contain any personal information about the people you meet. Your phone stores the codes you encounter for 14 days, just in case one of those people tests positive for the coronavirus. After two weeks, it deletes them.

If someone using Covidwise does test positive, the patient can report their diagnosis in the app by entering a six-digit code provided by their health department. That gives Covidwise permission to alert phones that have their own records of encountering the patient’s codes without sharing anything about his or her identity.

CovidWise on PC

How to Install CovidWise app on Windows and Mac

  1. First you will need an Andorid emulator on your PC, download BlueStacks
  2. Now open the emulator
  3. Locate the PlayStore app from the home screen of the emulator
  4. In the search bar type CovidWise and locate the app
  5. Click on the Install button to get the app on your PC
CovidWise PC download
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