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Playing a great mobile game is like eating a bag of Cookies: you can enjoy each bite-sized chunks at a reasonable pace or just eat until it’s done. As we are talking about cookies,, Cookies Must Die for Windows is the app we will be discussing today

In Cookies Must Die PC app, you play as Jack, a secret agent with superpowers who’s been dispatched to destroy an army of mutated cookies that are threatening to destroy the city. These cookies are heavily armed — but so are you. This outlandish premise manages to deliver on both quick and casual gameplay that ultimately rewards patience and strategy as you master the controls binging through chaotic stages filled with action, explosions, and lots of crumbs.

Cookies Must Die For Windows

What to expect From Cookies Must Die For Windows

Cookies Must Die for windows is bonkers in all the right ways. It has the same pure destructive energy, and an added focus on player control and freedom of movement while the game continues to throw new challenges at you.


The controls are simple and easy to pick up. You fling Jack around the screen with swipes and tap and hold to activate bullet time that slows everything down, allowing you to dodge enemy attacks and plan your next move. You smash through enemies, there’s also a full arsenal of weapons available to unlock along with helpful gadget power ups that you collect for completing each game chapter and can upgrade with the coins you collect destroying mutant cookies.


The game is broken up into 24 chapters that each feature four stages leading up to a challenging boss finale. I adore the look of this game. Each stage can be played at a blazing fast pace where you’re just flinging yourself towards the finish — but you’ll be better rewarded by slow things down with bullet time and analyzing the upcoming section of enemies.

Cookies Must Die For PC

Cookies Must Die For Windows- Some tips

Cookies Must Die App is a fast-paced, platform-based shooter game of epic action with easy-to-play but hard-to-master gameplay. Just swipe to jump or run and use the slow-motion effect to shoot with extreme precision. Slow-motion effects make the whole game feel like you’re in the Matrix

Aerial mobility and speed

The nice thing about Cookies Must Die is that you can move freely in the air and with great speed. You don’t just jump, you double jump, triple jump, and don’t even have to touch the floor if you don’t want to.

Your movement is simple, you drag in the direction you want to go. Time will slow down as you aim, and you’ll even have a visualized arc so you know where you’ll land.

This fast and flighty movement is critical to mastering the game. Many enemies you can mash through quickly, but others will require thought and movement to avoid their attacks.

Fearsome assault

You already know that you can jump near endlessly, but now you’ll know that your jumps are also your attacks. Yep, to attack enemies, you just need to fling yourself directly into them, and they’ll take damage.

Early foes will be dispatched quickly, but bigger enemies and bosses take many hits to take down. You’ll need to rapidly attack again and again, all while avoiding enemy fire

Predictable Foes

Enemies can be tough when there’s a group of them, but when they’re alone, they’re harmless, as long as you’re either very fast, or very careful.

The fact is, enemies will attack in predictable patterns. Early examples are short arcs of bullet fire, or explosives that detonate on impact or shortly after death. You will adjust to each enemy and know how to approach it.

Cookies Must Die For Windows

Install Cookies Must Die For Windows

  1. Download BlueStacks or NoxPlayer and finish the setup.
  2. Start The Android Emulator and open Google Play on the desktop.
  3. Search Cookies Must Die in Google Play. Install.
  4. Download and Install Cookies Must Die PC
  5. On install completion click the icon to start.
  6. Enjoy playing Cookies Must Die on PC 

You can also get the app for your Smartphone from Google Store


Cookies Must Die is stylish, fast-paced, and a lot of fun. It’s the kind of game where your reactions are put to the test, but your memory might be even more important when it comes to traversing each stage with ease.

Cookies Must Die on Windows


IS Cookies Must Die For Windows Free

 There are in-app purchases for buying gems, which can be spent to revive Jack or to buy coins to upgrade new characters or upgrade your HP and gadgets. There are also ads for getting free rewards

How can i Download Cookies Must Die On Windows

You will need an Android emulator to be able to play the game on you windows and macOS powered PCs. We have discussed the process for it above

Is Cookies Must Die for Windows violent for kids

The game has a content rating of 7+ and contains mild violence. So you should avoid giving it to the kids under 10

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