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Sky: Children of the Light on PC is a social indie adventure game developed and published by Thatgamecompany. It was first released for iOS on July 18, 2019. An Android version was later released on April 7, 2020, with a Nintendo Switch version to soon follow in the summer of 2020.

Sky: Children of the Light PC finally landed on Android, free, and open to everyone. There aren’t many words that better describe Sky than beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning. The experience is a relaxing, enticing adventure through the seven realms as you search for lost stars.

Sky: Children of the Light PC

Sky: Children of Light for Windows- A Review

In Sky: Children of the Light on PC, the player explores a magical kingdom using a cape that gives them the ability to fly. There are seven unique realms to visit, and each one is themed around a different stage of life. In addition to these realms, there is a Home that serves as a hub between the different realms.

Throughout the game, the player will encounter “spirits” that give the player cosmetic and gameplay-affecting items in return for in-game currency. The player can also find “lost stars” that give the player “winged light”. When the player has collected enough winged light, their cape level goes up, increasing their maximum “wing energy” and allowing them to fly farther.

The game features a heavy focus on social mechanics. Players are able to meet and befriend one another, and can unlock new abilities such as chat and sending gifts as their friendship grows. There are also many cosmetic items to collect including capes, masks, hairstyles, hats, pants, playable musical instruments, expressions, and more. These items can be obtained using in-game currency.

Children of the Light for Windows


Fly through the clouds of a gorgeous world while making friends to soar by your side in this follow-up to Journey


Wiring clouds, distant light beams, and the ruins of a lost civilization are all depicted in a soft and inviting art style, but occasional hitching on some supported devices can break the illusion


A stellar score ebbs and flows with the beats of onscreen events, while ambient sound effects add a naturalistic and meditative vibe


Challenges in touch-screen control mar an otherwise accessible experience that features a smooth curve of new ideas and difficulty


Thatgamecompany’s eye for aesthetic beauty and meaning-laden interactions are made richer through social engagement and sharing with friends

Children of the Light for PC

Sky: Children of the Light– System Requirements

If you are able to download Sky, and are experiencing any performance issues, you might want to check if your device has the following qualities:

  • GPU Adreno or Mali GPU (aka Snapdragon, Exynos, Kirin chipsets).
  • Android 8.1 and higher, recommended 9.0 or higher for best performance.
  • 3gb of storage or more to download and install, but the game should only take up about 1gb of space when it is complete.
  • 2gb RAM or more.

How to Download Sky: Children of the Light On Windows and Mac

Sky: Children of the Light is not Officially available for download on Windows and macOS PCs, but the app is available for download on Android from PlayStore and for iPhone on Apple Store

For its download on PC, we will be using an Android emulator. BlueStacks or NoxPlayer is one the best emulators in the market and have been providing their services for Free and helping the PC community by enabling the use of Android-specific apps on PCs

Follow the steps below to download and play Sky: Children of the Light on PC

  1. Install the emulator from Official website BlueStacks or NoxPlayer ( whichever you prefer)
  2. Complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions
  3. After the installation is complete open the Emulator
  4. Look for the Google PlayStore app on the emulator which is pre-installed
  5. Search for Sky: Children of the Light app, click on the install button
  6. The app is now downloaded on your PC, enjoy the best game on your computer
Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light– Final Thoughts

Bottom line: Sky: Children of the Light is, hands-down, one of the most beautiful games on Android, both in terms of art style and scope. It’s a relaxing experience designed for everyone to enjoy, regardless of your background. It’s well worth an install and despite there being freemium mechanics, Sky: Children of the Light is a gorgeous and memorable experience.


  • Stunningly beautiful art style
  • Simple and enticing gameplay
  • Extensive social features
  • Fun premise
  • Controller support


  • Imprecise control input
  • Disappointing in-app purchases
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