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CamScanner Advance PC is an Indian app that turns your phone into a scanner. With Cam Scanner – Advance, you are able to digitize any paper documents by photo shooting. 

CamScanner Advance for PC

Why use CamScanner Advance for PC

The smartphones are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Every week smartphones get launched with new innovations to lure customers. Apart from bringing the 5G support in smartphones, the major OEMs are also working to enhance the camera capabilities of the smartphones.

These days it is a common sight to see triple, quad, or Penta camera lens on a smartphone. The ability to shoot in the low light conditions has improved drastically. Apart from hardware advancement, thanks to software tweaks, which are also advancing the cameras by processing the image efficiently and in a better way.

What is CamScanner Advance App?

The smartphone cameras are used to take selfies, panoramas, night light selfies, portraits, videos, slow-mo, and to take pictures of a document as a scanner. The improved camera picture has allowed the user to capture every detail of the document and then render it as a scanned paper. The CamScanner Advance app is the famous document scanner app available for Android devices. It is a widely used app with the added benefits of cloud backups.

The apps like CamScanner Advance has abbreviated the usage of scanning devices. The smartphone made things easier for users. The user can now quickly scan a document with the smartphone camera via the CamScanner app and can even share it via Email, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other ways.

CamScanner Advance PC

How CamScanner Works?

The CamScanner is primarily a photo-snapping app that automatically processes a document by removing the unnecessary black spots and optimizes the contrast and brightness of the photo. As a result, it outputs the document, which appears to be correctly scanned in a scanner. CamScanner efficiently converts the scanned document into PDF file. Everyone gets stunned through the high-quality scans, which can be zoomed-in to see every minor detail.

Key Benefits of CamScanner Advance for Windows

Apps like CamScanner comes with tons of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Sharing Files: After converting the hard copy into a digital one. A user can share the edited files with others. Such a goal can be achieved directly from the app. You can share the electronic copies on social media or just email, as you prefer. When you feel done, you can also print your desired document with the help of wireless printers.
  • OCR Feature: Such features allow you to fully scan and get whatever stuff you want from your documents. Like getting a specific paragraph from a lengthy document or getting apart a precious moment from a picture. This way a user gets to perform any sort of customizations with his digital documents. Further, this feature comes handy when a user wants to search for a specific heading or a bundle of similar words.
  • Security & Privacy: As a matter of fact, you can also secure your confidential files with this app. To do so, a user is allowed to set a password on his desired documents and folders. After that, no other person is allowed to access the encrypted files without entering the passcode.
  • Sync From One Device to Another: Fortunately, users can sync all of their app data from one device to another. This way comes handy for such users who have to transfer to another device but do not want to miss their important saved data. To claim such a reward, a user has to install the same app on his new device. After that, enter his app account in it and he is on the go.
CamScanner Advance

How to Install CamScanner Advance app on Windows and Mac

  1. Install NoxPlayer or BlueStacks on PC, Laptop. (Download Link)
  2. When installed, open the Google folder. Click on the Play Store icon.
  3. Make a search for CamScanner Advance in the Play Store.
  4. Once there, click on the install button and accept the installation.
  5. Depending on the speed of your device and internet connection, the icon of CamScanner Advance for Mac will start to appear on the interface of the NoxPlayer.
  6. Open it and enjoy scanning photos conveniently on PC.
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