Install Camoodoo on PC Free (4.0.2)

Camoodoo on PC allows remote control of almost all modern Sony cameras, camcorders and actioncams that have WiFi

Camoodoo PC is a comprehensive remote control / external monitor for almost all modern Sony interchangeable lens cameras, compact cameras, camcorders and action cameras that have Wi-Fi. It is a perfect supplement to Sony’s original Apps as it has many advanced features you may miss. Further improvements are still under development.


Camoodoo on PC- A review

The app was developed by Steffen Conradt, a software developer and photography enthusiast. You guys must have used sony camras for pictures and recording videos and stuff. Sony offers an Imaging app that you can download on the android phone or a tablet that you use

The imaging app acts as a a remote control for your camera, it lets you control your camera through your smartphone or a tablet, you can zoom in or out , focus on the object and do many other things for which you will have to be close to your camera

Imaging app by Sony lacked some features and depth that may have helped a camera user, so Steffen being an enthusiast developed the Camoodoo app that specifically lets you remotely control the Sony camcorders and compact cameras

Camoodoo is a must-have app for the content creators who are working solo most of the time, Some times you have to record a video or take a picture by also being in the frame. You can preview the video on your screen focus on yourself or the background, move its lens, and do other stuff while being away from the camera. With this app, you can see what your camera is recording and whether it is according to your requirement

Camoodoo app

Camoodoo App – Some Features

Transfer images from a camera to a smartphone

People like to share their special moments on the socila media platform as soon as possible, well using the camoodoo app it allows you to transfer the high quality videos and pictures captured on your Sony cameras to your smartphone and you can open and share them from there.

Remote shooting of a camera

You can capture photos/videos remotely while checking the live view of a camera on a smartphone.
This is convenient for capturing night views or water flowing scenes which need long-exposure, or macro shooting in which you need to avoid to directly touch the camera.

Record location information

With cameras that have a location information linkage function, the location information acquired by the smartphone can be added to the captured image in your camera.

Even with cameras that do not have a location information linkage function, it is possible to add location information acquired by your smartphone to the photos saved on your smartphone during remote shooting.

Additional Features

  • Display of the live-view
  • Trigger the camera (Single, BULB, Continuous, Self-timer)
  • Change of many camera settings
  • Touch auto-focus
  • Recording videos
  • Various guides in the live-view (grid, diagonals, format, etc …)
  • Mirror mode for selfies / vlogging
  • Preview and share of the last shot images incl. Exit information

What more to expect from Pro version of the Camoodoo app

  • Ad-free
  • Bracketing over Aperture, Exposuretime, ISO and Exp. Correction
  • Interval shooting
  • Focus Peaking and Zebra in the liveview
  • Histogram in the liveview
  • Color adjustments of the Liveview (LUTS for SLog-2/3, Contrast, Saturation, etc.)

Personally i do not think that you guys will need to buy a pro version, The regular version is capable of handling most of the tasks and will assist you enormously but hey what’s the harm in having some extra perks!!

Camoodoo for PC

How to download Camoodoo app on your Windows and Mac

Most of the time the editting stuff is being done on a laptop by professionals but Camoodoo app is an android base application so how can you get the app and its features without the use of your smartphone and forming a direct connection between tour camera and your PC/Laptop

  1. Well here we will discuss on how you can get this app on your Windows and Mac powered PCs. just follow the steps below
  2. Download the Android Emulator , We recommend BlueStacks and NoxPlayer whichever suits your need
  3. After the download install the .exe file
  4. After the Setup is complete, Login using your Google ID
  5. Find the app on in the search bar by typing Camoodoo and find the app
  6. Click on the Install button and get the app on your Windows and Mac powered PCs

Also download the app on your Smartphone From The PLAYSTORE