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Call of Duty Mobile PC version is out For quite a while now and people are crazy about it

Call of Duty Mobile version was released worldwide on October 1, 2019, people still have a craze for using mouse and keypad. This is the first time a Call of Duty game graced the smartphone platform. It has primarily been popularized by its Multiplayer and its Battle Royale modes. The game has already seen many seasons and offers unique rewards to players in each season. Besides that, t is also getting ready to venture into the e-sports which means that the game is more popular than ever.

Call of Duty Mobile PC

A Guide to Call of Duty Mobile PC

In the ng community Call of Duty has been a FAN favorite for a long time. People have played and loved this game throughout the time since its release. Its captivating campaign stories, graphics, and all the other aspects of the game make it one of the BEST out there.

Most of us have known it to be A PC game but in the year 2019,the game was launched for the Android Platform to capture more audiences. People who have played the game before were totally excited and its beta testing results created more hype for it.

A lot of us know the maps, Payloads, guns, perks and a lot of other stuff inside the game but how it was changed to be optimized for the mobile version Here we are going to discuss all the features and a short guide to how things are inside the game and lastly we will discuss how you can get to play it on your PC.


One of the first things you will encounter when you register a new account on Call of Duty Mobile PC is the quick and thorough tutorial built to teach you how to play the game. It introduces the “Simple” and “Advanced” controls mechanic which will greatly affect how you play the game. It also introduces how weapons work and also introduce scorestreaks to you.

Weapon & Perk Setup

Call of Duty Mobile PC is filled with plenty of guns. Take your pick and build your custom loadout with an assortment of attachments to improve the gun. You can upgrade your weapon’s levels with Weapon EXP Cards to speed up the process of getting new attachments. You can even swap to a more familiar character model like Captain Price.

Explosives and tactical equipment assist you in flushing out enemies hiding in corners. Perks are also a big part of Call of Duty,they allow the player to create different playstyles to their builds. Operator Skills also provide players extra firepower to bring to the battlefield.

Setup Scorestreaks

Scorestreaks are also a staple in Call of Duty Mobile PC these are weapons that can be unlocked to use when you obtain a certain number of kills, like dropping a predator missile to blast your opponents or calling in a helicopter to help gun down your foes.

Select Game Mode

There are multiple game modes in Call of Duty Mobile. Multiplayer is the classic game mode that pits players in 8-10 player maps that emphasize on close-quarter combat. Battle Royale is for the fans who love joining huge servers with 100 players battling for 1st place in an enormous map.

Select Map Type

When you join in Multiplayer game mode, remember to change the game type to your liking. Frontline and Team Death Match are the simplest game modes to get into where you kill enemies that cross your path, quick and fast-paced. Domination and Search & Destroy are more advanced modes that involve bomb planting and capturing points.

Call of Duty Mobile

Some Call of Duty Mobile PC Characters

John Price

Captain John Price, a.k.a Bravo Six, is a British Special Forces soldier. He is a member of the British SAS and often wears a boonie hat during field operations.

John “Soap” MacTavish

Captain John “Soap” MacTavish was a British Special Forces soldier. He is a member of the British SAS and also part of Task Force 141 with Captain Price, easily recognized by his mohawk hair.

David “Section” Mason

Lt. Commander David Mason (code-named Section). He is the son of CIA Agent and USMC Captain Alex Mason, a member of SEAL Team Six, and the Commander of all J-SOC Strike Force missions from the U.S.S. Barack Obama.

Simon “Ghost” Riley

Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley was a British Special Forces operator. He was the second in command of Task Force 141 and was seen wearing dark red sunglasses and a skull-patterned balaclava along with a headset

Alex Mason

Captain Alex Mason is a CIA operative and retired Marine Force Recon Captain. Mason was part of a CIA assassination squad called Operation 40.

Call of Duty Mobile PC

How you can Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC

While the devs intend this game to be played on the mobile platform it can be played on PC as well. Back when people started using third party emulators to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC, Tencent Games took matters into their own hands and released an official emulator for playing the game. This emulator can now be used to play Call of Duty: Mobile as well and it tracks all stats and provides the best experience. While this emulator was previously called the Tencent Gaming Buddy, it has been rebranded as GameLoop.

You can get the GameLoop emulator from this LINK . It can also be used to play PUBG mobile

Install using BlueStacks or NoxPlayer

To play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC the following steps need to be followed.

  1. You will be required to Download BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.
  2. Wait for the download to complete after hitting the ‘Download’ button.
  3. Launch the Android emulator once it is installed
  4. Search for Call of Duty: Mobile, hit the ‘Download’ button.
  5. This should prompt the emulator to download the game files.
  6. Once that completes you can hit ‘Play’ and launch the game which will ask you to log in.
Call of Duty Mobile for PC

System Requirements

Android Version 4.3 and up RAM minimum of 3 GB

Size 81 MB Note: Call of Duty Mobile will take around 1.1 GB of data to download and after installed it will go to 2.6 GB.

Chipset  least Snapdragon 625


Is Call of Duty Mobile PC really multiplayer?

In Call of DutyMobile, the main mode you’ll play is multiplayer. Multiplayer allows you to play against other players in short game modes pulled from the Call of Duty franchise.

IS Call of Duty Mobile on PC Free?

The app is free to download, however there are in app purchases that can be used to buy guns and characters etc.

Can i play with my friends In Call of Duty Mobile PC

Call of Duty allows you to form a team of up to 5 members. in which u can add your friend real life and game friends too. there is also an option of creating a private room in which you can add up to 10 people(2 teams of 5 each) and can also compete with each other

IS there an Official version of Call of Duty Mobile Available on windows

There is no official version of COD mobile for Windows, There is a separate version available for windows that you can download

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