Install Free Bit Legends PC- Windows 10, Mac

Bit Legends PC – Venture through wastelands, battle monsters to capture then evolve them, and enjoy the spirit of adventure in this classic pixel RPG.

Bit Legends

Bit Legends For PC

Bit Legends is a newly-released MMORPG set in a pixel art wasteland full of monsters to fell, rare loot to acquire, and fellow players to team up with.

You’ll begin your quest as a fresh-faced member of a wasteland community. Not content with living your life in relative safety, you opt to venture out to explore your inhospitable surroundings. Along the way, you’ll duke it out with plenty of wasteland critters, who can then be collected and evolved over time to bolster your party.

With it being an MMORPG, you can expect the game to throw a silly amount of loot your way, all of which can be dismantled to handy core components. Beyond equipping increasingly powerful equipment, you can also improve your strength by gaining XP and upgrading your stats, such as attack and agility. There are three distinct classes to pick from – Engineer, Bounty Hunter, and Kung-fu Master. They all come with their own talents, skills, and weapon preferences.

Seemingly everything from your mount to your accessories can be customized to your heart’s content. This should let you stand out among the many other adventurers you’ll encounter across the game’s various modes. You’ll also have a base of operations to tweak, and there’s even a fighting mini-game for when you need some downtime.

Players can band together to socialize, form guilds, and progress through the raid dungeons. PvP ranked arena battles also feature here.

Bit Legends for PC

What to Expect form Bit Legends for Windows

Retro Pixel Graphics

Immerse yourself in classic 8-bit graphics and engaging MMO RPG gameplay. Personalize your character’s equipment, mount, and accessories to stand out from the crowd.

Capture Over 100 Monsters and Bosses

Fight, capture, and then evolve a wide cast of zombies to build up your battle team. Defeat dungeon bosses to obtain their legendary equipment and add them to your retinue.

Unique Class System and Talent Tree

Play as any of three classes—Bounty Hunter, Kung Fu Master, and Engineer—to unlock their unique talents and skills. Construct a talent tree that fits your play style and use it too survives battles with fearsome zombies and monsters.

PvE, PvP and World Boss Raids

Test yourself in vast randomly-generated dungeons and raids, compete with players from around the world in ranked arena battles, and create mighty guilds to defeat world bosses and capture their treasure

Other Exciting Features

Customize your heroes, deck out your hero base, master fishing for special bonuses, and enjoy a vast selection of other features. Start adventuring and see what you can find

Bit Legends on PC

Download Bit Legends on Windows and Mac

To download Bit Legends On Windows and Mac you will need and Android emulator, BlueStacks and Nox App Player

  1. Download BlueStacks Emulator on your PC
  2. Complete the Installation setup by following the on screen instructions
  3. Locate the Play Store app on the emulator home screen
  4. Type Bit Legends app in the search bar and locate it
  5. Click on the install button to complete the process