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Download and Learn to create your own music through BandLab for PC. Music is the most Versatile part of this world. Its, hobby, fond, profession, need, and play many roles in our life.

Bandlab for Mac

What is BandLab for PC app

With the lightning speed of both web apps and web content delivery only getting faster, it was simply a matter of time before a truly online, cloud-based DAW became a reality. While many manufacturers of Digital Audio Workstations are beginning to integrate some basic cloud features, BandLab (

) is a DAW that was truly built from the ground up in the cloud.

One notable change during the last 5 years has been the closure of JamHub, which originally developed BandLab PC with Singaporean agribusiness heir Kuok Meng Ru. The idea behind the free-to-use platform was that folks interested in making music together no longer had to gather in a single location to bounce ideas around and work on new material.

BandLab users tapped into the power of the internet so that it didn’t matter if the drummer lived miles away from the bass player while the guitarist lived somewhere in-between – all could log into a virtual space and build songs together, using hardware interfaces to upload different parts to a shared multi-track project

Now with over 4 million users from more than 190 countries, the service is being used to make a million songs every month. Though collaborating online has been at the center of the BandLab universe for some time, working on the same session at the same time has only recently launched in beta. More than a dozen individual musicians can each work on their tracks in a single session simultaneously, making timezone and border issues a thing of the past.

Bandlab on PC

BandLab for Windows- the Concept

BandLab was clearly developed with collaboration in mind. You can create a ‘band’ with other users, all have access to the same set of songs, work on songs together, and even utilize ‘forks’. Forks are essentially different versions of the same source material that split off from each other (like a fork in the road). Say your bassist writes a tune, you can create a fork which leaves his or her original version alone, but lets you make some adjustments to compare and contrast with later. It’s simple to use and understand, and it makes BandLab that much more fun to use.

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  • NEW* Video Mix – Create awesome-sounding video clips, whether you’re a rapper freestyling over a beat or a songwriter laying down a hot new solo. Jazz up your video with world-class effects and real-time monitoring!
  • 12-Track Mix Editor – Access our multi-track digital audio workstation (DAW) to record live audio or import, mix, splice, and tweak tracks for the perfect mixdown. Customize track layers and add lyrics instantly.
  • 100+ Vocal/Guitar/Bass Presets – Access world-class effects with real-time monitoring. Use a medley of effects and filters, from drum phaser to gated reverb and more.
  • Looper – DJ like a pro with our extensive loop packs. Build an orchestra of sounds, add some synth or reverb, or just freestyle your way to a whole new mixtape while on the go.
  • Creator Kits – Produce all-new grooves using preloaded sound packs across multiple genres. Think of it as your favorite virtual drum pad machine (DPM) or music production controller (MPC).
  • 200+ Virtual MIDI Instruments – Compose music using anything from acoustic guitars to keyboards, pianos to synthesizers, and a variety of drums, all within an app that fits in your pocket.
Bandlab PC

Download BandLab app on Windows and Mac

  1. Download the emulator if you already do not have one, I will recommend BlueStacks or NoxPlayer
  2. Install the emulator post downloading it. Follow the on-screen steps to install and give it some time to set up properly
  3. Post successful installation, open up the emulator window, and open the PlayStore app.
  4. Log in with your Google ID and password in PlayStore.
  5. After logging in, search for the BandLab app in the PlayStore app.
  6. Find the right application and install the app. Make all the mashup and remix songs you like.
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