Download Free Acapella Maker on PC (0.9.2)


Acapella Maker on PC provides singers and musicians an easy way to create amazing a cappella videos.

 Elevate your performances with Acapella Maker For PC by creating multi-part harmonies or jam with different instruments. Be sure to join the Acapella community and connect with other singers and musicians, Designed for simplicity, create awesome acapella videos! Acapella Maker PC provides musicians and singers an easy way to create a cappella videos. Share your collages to social networks.

Acapella Maker

What is Acapella Maker for PC

Acapella Music

Acapella music is group or solo performance without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way.

The term a cappella was originally intended to differentiate between Renaissance polyphony and Baroque concertato style. In the 19th century, a renewed interest in Renaissance polyphony coupled with an ignorance of the fact that vocal parts were often doubled by instrumentalists led to the term coming to mean unaccompanied vocal music. The term is also used, albeit rarely, as a synonym for alla breve.

Although very different from madrigal music, the idea of a small secular group of mostly male voices singing in close harmony unaccompanied, or with the accompaniment very much in the background, became quite popular in the 1950s and 60s . Some examples of these groups include The Marcels, The Drifters, and The Harptones. Some famous songs include ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘I Only Have Eyes for You.’ One reason a cappella singing was so popular was that it was cheaper because the groups did not have to hire a band.

The app

Acapella Maker For windows has a simple concept: people record multiple videos, layering them to create harmonies a la Pitch Perfect. It’s actually a technique musicians on YouTube have been using for years – the app just makes it much easier and more accessible.

What’s remarkable is the speed with which communities across all the most popular platforms have embraced Acapella. It has been buoyed by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram’s efforts with video, as well as a few viral hits.

But the beauty of the Acapella Maker app, and potentially why it has become this popular, is the room for comedy. It’s a place for the truly musically gifted among us to show off their talents

Acapella Maker app

Why use Acapella Maker on Mac PC

Create in 3 simple steps:

  • Select a layout
  • Add videos or record the new ones
  • Share or save!


  • Upload to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube!
  • Multiple frames to choose
  • Video playback after the first video is recorded
  • Adjust volume
  • Add filters
  • Customize your watermark
  • Play preview before saving

Record, edit and share original music all from your mobile device

  • Sing, play and collaborate with up to 9 instruments and/or musicians
  • Record multiple users’ audio and video tracks, and sync them to create one unique track
  • Optimize sound with EQ, noise gate and processor
  • Built-in metronome
  • Pan audio left or right
  • Add logo as a watermark

Elevate your videos and share in HD with studio-quality sound

  • Record up to 10 minutes
  • Upload a video to help you get started
  • Premium frames
  • Share video in HD with CD-quality audio
  • Download Apple Lossless (ALAC) audio file
Acapella Maker for PC

Install Acapella Maker On Windows and Mac

Now, to bring all your video collage fun from your phone to the PC. You need an Android emulator software installed on your PC. The best Android emulators in the market that you can choose are the BlueStacks App Player and Nox App Player.

Make sure you download them from the above-mentioned links Post downloading, open the installer package and follow the on-screen instructions to install the emulator. Give it some time to set up.

After installing the Android emulator, follow the below-mentioned steps to install the Acapella app:

  1. Open the emulator and fire up the PlayStore app.
  2. Log in with your Google ID and Password in the PlayStore app.
  3. After successful login, type the name of the Acapella Maker app in the search bar.
  4. Look for the right app and install it.
  5. Make as many video collages as you want right on your PC.

Also You can download the emulator from their Official website, Links are provided below



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