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Want to Play the 6ix9ine Runner app on PC, worry not I will be talking about how to download the game on your PC later in this article so stick with me to the end.

6ix9ine Runner for Mac

What is the 6ix9ine Runner PC app?

If outrage could be magnified, commodified, and made into hard currency — and then accessorized with sloppy rainbow dreadlocks — that billion-dollar bankroll would be Tekashi 6ix9ine, the rapper-troll whose main goal in life is rubbing others’ noses in his mess.

That’s hardly editorializing when you consider the title of his fresh-from-prison-release new album: “TattleTales.” This from a guy who has nearly made snitching into an ugly art form by taunting the vert Brooklyn gang he snitched on.

Also among 6ix9ine’s claims to fame: the criminal act of having a 13-year-old child pose sexual acts as part of a Livestream video; his alleged choking a 16-year-old in a Houston shopping mall;  An admission of having ordered a hit on Chief Keef, just one of many fellow rappers (see also: Trippie Redd, Meek Mill, Lil Durk) with whom 6ix9ine has shared an Internet beef.

Now we are being introduced to a game by Tekashi 6ix9ine! The game is called 6ix9ine Runner for PC. it is a music runner game that is very fun to play. The game can be played using your thumb only. Most of you have played games where you have to slice or break things well this is one of those games. You will have to select your favorite Tekashi song and your game will start and you just have to clear the way for your character. Its a really fun way with quite good graphics to keep you hooked to the game. And the fun part you get to listen to your favorite songs while playing the game

Now you will be wondering how you can download and android exclusive game on your PC. nowadays we have an Android emulator that copy cat an Android on your PC screen and you can use your android on your PC. The one of the very first emulator there was, BlueStacks emulator, it was slow, took a lot of space, and required good hardware support, and it also did not support all the Android apps at the time. Now a lot more emulators have entered the market and have become fast and reliable.

As gaming becomes more and more popular people want to try and play every type of game either on their PC or a console. So for PC lovers, these emulators have now added tons of features that let you play these Android games on your PC with ultra settings and you will enjoy playing them. Some games are being launched exclusively for the emulators so that you can play them without any problems. So without any further delay lets talk about How to download the 6ix9ine runner for the windows app

6ix9ine Runner on PC

How to download the 6ix9ine runner app on Windows and Mac

  1. First, you need to download an Android emulator on your PC, I will recommend either BlueStacks or NoxPlayer
  2. Complete the Installation by following the on-screen instructions
  3. Open the emulator, the initial startup may take some time as the emulator will install some additional files to run. Now you will see the home screen of the emulator
  4. Look for the PlayStore app and open it, there is also a search bar of the emulator on the right side of your screen, it is mostly used for the games, as we need to download the android game we must open the PlayStore app
  5. Search for the 6ix9ine Runner app
  6. Click on the install button to get the 6ix9ine Runner app on your PC
6ix9ine Runner PC download
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